4 Things To Know While Removing Tattoo Using Laser Technique

4 Things To Know While Removing Tattoo Using Laser Technique

Laser tattoo removal treatment is quite popular than other techniques of removing tattoo since there is a minimum risk in this treatment method compared to other treatment methods. Most of the other treatment methods are quite painful and will not show the expected positive results.

If you are also the person who is not happy with the tattoo on your body then you should also consider using laser treatment for removal of the tattoo.

Here are the things which you should know while going for laser treatment.

A single treatment is not sufficient

In a single laser treatment, your tattoo might get faded a bit while you need at least 5 to 10 laser treatment to completely remove the tattoo. It may depend on your health condition, immunity and the age of tattoo, the older the tattoo will be, the easier will be the process of removing the tattoo.

It will be easier to remove the tattoo of people with good health and high immunity, since their body reacts and try to remove the foreign ink particles from the body.


You should not expect too much from the treatment while there are some chances that your tattoo cannot be totally removed properly. In most of the cases, people have successfully removed their tattoos while for some people it faded only.

While there is a risk of allergy and skin problems due to the number of the treatment session.

The other factors like immunity and ink color also matters. Black color easily able to absorb most of the light from the laser while the other color cannot easily absorb the different wavelengths of light, which is the reason why in some cases tattoo only get faded but not completely exterminated.

Different laser have different results

Laser tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal

There are different types of laser which comes with the different wavelength, different color absorbs the light of different wavelength. Black is the only color which absorbs most of the light with different wavelength. While different wavelengths of the laser can be used for removing different colors.

Location of tattoo

The immunity of our body is high near the heart. This is the reason why tattoo nearer to heart area are easily removable than the tattoo on hands or legs.

Laser tattoo removal treatment is quite effective while there are certain risks also included. You should take some proper consultation with your dermatologist and doctors before opting for this solution.

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