Sleep plays a major role in your health. It is necessary to stay healthy. It helps in healing and repairing of tissues, muscles, heart and blood vessels. It also keeps mind fresh which helps the brain to perform better.

Improper sleep and insomnia lead to increased risk of heart diseases, kidney diseases, high blood pressure etc. It also leads to lethargy, anxiety, and depression.

If you are suffering from insomnia or unable to take a proper full night sleep, you might be dealing with many health issues. There may be many reasons for improper sleep.

Here are some tips and tricks that would help you to get a better sleep –

  • Avoid caffeine, nicotine and other chemicals before sleeping –

Caffeine is a stimulant which keeps you awake by increasing the number of awakenings. So, better to avoid tea, coffee, chocolates etc before going to bed. Smoking also affects sleep. Refrain tobacco and smoking before bedtime.

  • Maintain sleep-inducing environment –

A black dark, quiet, and cool environment promote sleep. You can use dark and heavy curtains to block light and maintain darkness of the room. Make use of white noise which helps to promote sleep.

Goose down pillow
Goose down pillow
  • Keep on time –

Keep the same time to get up from the bed and for going to the bed. That helps you to maintain the track and also use your natural drive to sleep.

  • Find the perfect pillow –

Find the perfect pillow for you. Pillow also plays an important role for a full night sleep. You need to consider 3 things while buying a pillow. What is your sleeping position? How big are you? And what is your first preference?

Go for the pillow which provides you comfort. Goose down pillow or feathers pillows are soft and provide extreme comfort.

  • Check your sleeping posture –

You need to know your sleeping position. Maybe they might be troubling you for sleeping. However, we cannot change your sleeping posture but we can buy the right pillow and mattress which helps to eliminate the discomfort.

  • Daily workout –

Physical exercise and workout help to release chemical hormones of the body which helps in producing a better quality of sleep.

  • Don’t stress –

Regular stress can affect your sleep and make harder to fall asleep. Try to take less stress that helps you to get peace of mind.


A full night sleep is important for everyone. Improper sleep may lead to many health issues and problems. Above tips may help you to improve your sleep.

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