A Complete Guide On Pre-Construction Process

Are you planning to build your new dream house? Then you have to do many things before starting the construction. You need to go through pre-construction process. Pre-construction is very important in any construction project as it helps to minimize the risk, failure, delay in execution etc and maximize the reliability and productivity of the project.

A lot of things you need to know about pre-construction process and steps to proceed.

Here step to step guide on each and every stage of the pre-construction process –

  • Lock the design of your home –
Home Design
Home Design

You can discuss with any consultant or designer for your best home design that suits you and comes in your budget and then lock your design.

While locking your choice, you can also make changes in the plans or structure like sitting options, door directions, electrical layout etc according to you and you can also provide your own specification details such as air conditioning, solar units to your consultant. It will affect your home structure design.

  • Plan your selections –
Plan Your Selections
Plan Your Selections

The other most exciting feature on building your dream house is selecting the products and items that will add a beautiful look to your home. Spend your time on finding or considering your color schemes and product choices.

You can also consider other items for your house during this stage such as fridge, oven etc.

  • Assessment of your site –
Assessment of your site
Assessment of your site

Hire an engineer construction contractor that will conduct an inspection of the site of your property.  It will help you to get a fixed estimate for your construction and footing.

  • Preliminary pack –

 Your consultant will provide you a preliminary pack that contains prior plans, tender documentation and fixed price for footings. Once you agreed with the pack after the documentation guidance, you cannot make structural and designs changes.

  • Contract bonding documentation –

 After all the selections, your contractor and consultant will make you sign a contract documentation. This contract is an agreement in between the contractor, owner, and the insurance company.  Make sure your contract should include the description of materials, work schedule, project completion time etc.

Surety Bond
Surety Bond

You can also secure your contract by making a payment bond. A payment bond is a surety bond which provides a guarantee of the contractor and makes sure that the subcontractors, workers, and suppliers will be paid.


Pre-construction process helps to assist the owner from the starting of a project in accomplishing their home designs that fit in their budget. It also helps in saving money and time as well.

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