There are different types of transportation facility for travelling and now we can even travel a longer distance in small time. The development in transportation field leads us to be faster for reaching our destinations and because of that it became easy to move the patients to the hospitals.

Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance

Modes of the transportation may change according to the health condition of the patient and the distance need to be travel. It depends on a lot of factors that what mode will be better for the patient to travel.

There are some means of transportation that is generally used for medical emergencies.

Roadways: If there is any clinic or hospital in the nearer locality of the victim or the patient then the patient has to be shifted to the nearest hospital by using medical van service which is also called an ambulance. This types of a van equipped with the medical Kit and medicines for the first aid of the patient. It is the best means of transportation for short distances travelling.

Air travelling: Air travelling considered as the fastest means of transportation. If a patient needs to travel long distance then travelling by air is much safer than travelling by roadway or train. If the patient is too sick that he/she cannot travel and he/she need to be moved to the hospital then air medical services are the best option at that time. In an air ambulance, they provide the best of the medical facilities and medicines for the sake of patient health.

The commercial air services will not allow the boarding of very sick people and it is also not safe for him/her to travel through commercial air service. But if the patient is not having any emergency issue and he/she is fit for travelling then he/she may make use of commercial flight for travelling.

Public transport: Generally in most of the public transport facility special seats for the sick people are provided. It depends on the locality of the patient and where he wants to go.

Wheelchair van and cars: These types of services are provided by the hospitals and clinics to the patients who are not able to move. In these services they move the patients from their house to their regional clinics for the treatment purpose.

In early days, a van was used to take the patients to the hospital but in today’s time most of these medical vans have the facility for the treatment of the patient while travelling. Now in the case of an emergency patient can even travel to the different country for surgeries by using air travelling option and The advancement in the field of medical travelling has given the better chance of survival to the patients.

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