Important Things About Office 365

Microsoft launches the new version of office and that is office 365 and this version completely changes according to the previous one. Microsoft has taken great steps to change all the game. But the good news for users is that in the new version of office they have added most positive features.

But there are lots of the things which you need to know about the new version of office before buying it. So here are the important facts about office 365.

  • In the cloud-

These office versions in the cloud because of two prospective. One is if you will buy the whole suit then it will require downloading also and you cannot buy it on a disc. And the second one is this new version of office save all your documents to the cloud, SkyDrive. You can save your file locally as well, but the app is integrated tightly with SkyDrive.

  • About price and subscription

Now it is going to be sold on a subscription model. And it costs you almost $99 per year for the entire office system. Some of the other version of Microsoft office not sold as a subscription model. It sold as a perpetual it means one copy of the application licensed only for one system..

  • License for devices

Paying for a subscription charge to get the license is one big advantage. And the advantage is you can install an office application on your five devices include both machine and Macs. In which device you want you can use this in your system or in Mac.

  • Operating systems

If you will install Microsoft office in your system then you can use it with both Windows 7 or windows 8 but in Mac, if you will install this application you can’t use it Mac running OS X (10.5.8 and higher). Actually, in this Mac device, you will get Microsoft office 2011 instead of office 365.

  • Touch screen device

This new version of office is designed like that which you can use in touchscreen devices also like a touchscreen laptop with windows 8, and you can also use it in the tablets also.

  • Backup your office document

If you move all your content on office 365 you need back of your all content and Microsoft offers backup and restores for office 365. And if you want back up for a premises server it is also possible. Or if you want the local backup on your system then you can do it. In this new version, these things are possible.

  • Changes

Office 365 is SaaS application. Which means if you want any custom feature you cannot get them directly. But Microsoft customized lot since the launch of SharePoint 2013 and office 365.


All are the main things which you should know before using Microsoft’s new version. So after all the sufficient knowledge you can download Microsoft office from here and take lots of advantages with this new version.

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