The Ultimate Guide To Cowhide Buyers

Many buyers when buying the rugs, pillows, ottomans etc which is made from the cowhides, they only consider the pretty look and make their decision from there but there are many more things that matter and everyone should consider it while buying any cowhide materials.

Here are few things to consider about cowhides material before buying –

  • Size matters –

Before buying you need to measure the space or area where your cowhide is going to placed especially when buying cowhide rug and ottomans. You will get a general idea of the size that you need. The sizes vary greatly so, you should be very certain about your right size if you are trying to give a certain look to your room.

  • Colour scheme –

cowhide rugs
cowhide rugs

The materials which are made from cowhides come in various different colors. Choose the colors which will work with your room. You can coordinate the colors with the wall colors, furniture colors and floor colors etc.

  • Where it is come from (origin) –

You always wanted to know where the cowhides came from for your rugs, pillows etc. Cowhides are supplied from many different parts of the world. But the cowhides from Brazil are considered the best cowhides in the world. Many cowhides are purchased from the places like Texas, Oklahoma which comes from Mexico are usually have lower quality.

Before getting into a cowhide, you must check the equality and the origin of the cowhide.

  • Is the back soft? –

Back soft is one of the characteristics to measure the quality of cowhide. The high-quality cowhide back has soft and supple while the cheaper quality or the one which is processed poorly will be rough and stiff like sandpaper.

  • The thickness of the hide –


The thickness of the hide also matters to measure the quality. The high-quality hides have a thick edge. Try to determine how thick the edge of the hide is. You need thickness in between ⅛ to a ¼ inch for a good quality while cheaper quality is flimsy and can be fairly thin.

  • Is there any stitches? –

Not all the stitches which are found in the cowhide are bad. There are many things that can cause holes in the cowhides might be through injury or during the tanning process.  You need to see whether the hole is repaired properly or not. The properly repaired hole can last long without any difficulty.


Selecting the best cowhide can sometimes get tricky but the good quality cowhide lasts long for decades and does not change its beautiful shape for years. So you must need to consider above tips while buying.

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