There are lots of fabric with artificial clothing fibres that are growing popular in the market but they are not still the replacement of natural fibre yarn. Woolens has been preferred as a clothing material for a long time. Generally, this fibre is used for making winter season wearable clothes like sweater, socks, blankets, and quilts. There are so many good qualities in this fibre which makes it one of the best clothing material.


Wool fabrics
Wool fabrics


Some advantages of woolen clothing are:

  • Wool fabrics can soak a large amount of water. While wearing woollen fabric you will be able to feel that it is absorbing the moisture from your body and making your skin more fresh and dry.
  • This fabric fibre content having micro pockets which absorb the air and it makes an insulating environment for your body which protects you from cold breeze.
  • In some types of woolen, these micro pockets also maintain the temperature of the body and these types of woolen clothes can also be wearable in summer which can make your body cool from inside.
  • Woolen fibre can absorb the moisture of wearer body and makes it clean and dry. It also locks the odour coming from the body of the wearer.
  • This fabric feels soft and comfortable with the skin of the wearer. As it is very supportive fabric and give rest to the body.
  • Woollen clothing is elastic in nature and it is also highly tensile in strength. Microfibres in the yarn is like spring that makes the woollen more elastic in nature.
  • This fibre is provided air insulation effect so it can also be used for restricting fibre. The yarns of woollen cannot catch fire easily because it blocks the oxygen to the fire.
  • Versatility is one of the main factors of woollen clothing. Even in terms of fabric design, quality, and budget, there are varieties. Depended on the requirement and interest of the buyer can purchase some good woollen.
  • This fabric can be useful for a long time because of its tensile strength and flexibility of fibre. Woolen can maintain it’s shaped within all season. You can see a woolen blanket does not change too much even after a long time.

There are so many benefits of woolen clothing that makes it one of the best material for clothing purpose. There are many types of woolen clothing with the difference in their properties like cashmere, mohair, angora and merino etc.

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