4 -Surprising- Health- Benefits -Of -Playing -Mobile -Games

4 Surprising Health Benefits Of Playing Mobile Games

4 -Surprising- Health- Benefits -Of -Playing -Mobile -Games

The video games are widely well known for providing various health benefits like relieving stress, reducing depression and even giving a good feeling. This might make you surprised and sound unusual but there is a lot of evidence that supports this. Spending some time to play video games can actually improve the mental health of the body in many amazing ways.

It is a bit controversial topic as many studies and researches support and oppose this claim. However, there is a lot of research which supports the surprising benefits of playing video games.

They can improve your moods

Playing videos games are proven for refreshing the moods. When you actually passed the difficult game level and successfully completed the game, that feeling of victory help to boost your mood. There are many ways to boost up the mood and playing the game is one of them which helps you to refresh your mind. Thus it also helps fight off the anxiety and makes you happier.

You can find several different types of games for free which you can play at any time. There are also many games which are played by all age groups as a pastime or to remove the boredom and refreshes their mind.

They boost the brain power

Playing video games can really boost your brain power. It helps you to become more active and makes more concentrated on your work. Regular playing games help to increase the memory capacity.

They help in improving your vision

Usually, we think that watching television or playing games too close can affect your vision. In fact, the scientist has researched that the playing games can actually help to improve your vision. In a study, it shows that playing a game for 10 weeks gives you the higher ability to differentiate the different shades of grey better.

Games -for- free
Games for free

They help to build social communities

Several games also help in building the social network and communities like playing chess. Such mobile games also allow chatting with their friends or other players. A research showed that the people with autism usually get more engaged with the multiple players. As people with autism have an issue of lack of communication. Thus social interaction in the games helps them to build the social community and make you more socially interactive.


These are some major health benefits that one can receive by playing video games.

3 Tricks To Become An Instagram Influencer


The industries which have least engagements, Instagram has provided them with the best opportunity to excel and earn good quality customers. If you want to enhance your business using Instagram then you need to follow some security tips and measures which will turn the power dynamics of the Industry. Some of the simple tips and tricks include:

Add questions:

You should plan to set your algorithm in such a way that your posts should appear at the first in your followers feed. Instagram’s latest algorithm helps you to decide which post you like to see the most based on your previous engagements and likes and searches.  Relationships in the algorithm are generally based on the level of friendship and relationship with that particular user. This trick can be applied to any niche, to gain organic followers. You just need to focus on the followers, to develop good relationships among the existing followers. You can also create polls, in your stories and ask questions to your followers, which will help you to get associated with your followers.

Engagement Pods:

Engagement ratios play a very important role, the Instagram followers judge the quality of the posts, and you can get plenty of opportunities to get good likes and followers to your account but, one of the most important things is to engage with them. Make them your happy customer by sharing the quality of images which they like or love to see. Post on the daily basis, don’t allow them to forget who you are and what you are. Choose the best time to post your pictures or else you can use Instagram schedulers to share your images and gain engagements to your account.

Last but not the least, make sure to be nice with your customers, answer to their comments in a positive way, share some special images, tag them in some of your pictures and allow them to enjoy your company in a friendly manner.


Instagram Influencer

Re-engagement is the term used to have a good number of engagements, once a person or a user have a good number of followers then he or she should not run after gaining for followers, you should make sure to engage the followers in a good and proper manner. You can add likes and comments, which will make your followers get completely attracted and attached to you and your account. This will automatically gain you a good number of engagements without putting many efforts, and you can easily become an Instagram Influencer.

These are some of the best tips and tricks to enhance your business using Instagram, which will help you to get a good number of engagements and good followers.