3-Ways-to-Teach- Slow- Learners

3 Ways to Teach Slow Learners

There are so many kids who are incapable of learning as much as that of other children of similar age group. So teaching them is quite challenging and need a lot of efforts. To lift up their pace of learning you might need a teacher who can only pay attention to that particular child. In Fact, there are so many places which have a specific company to help to teach those kids who have a learning disability, for example, Tutoring Montreal. They have a special technique to teach those children. So if you are a teacher of slow learning children’s then you can follow these three important steps to teach them.

Repeat the point

Slow learners often need to listen multiple times to understand what you are saying so whatever you are teaching you must repeat the sentence and relate it to some practical things in order to make them understand that point. You can also discuss the points with them and repeat the answers which they are giving so that it can set in their minds. Also, give them enough homework neither too much nor too less so that they can make their remaining time productive.

Use audio and visual medium

The best way to teach your slow learner students is to teach them by taking the help of images, audio and video clips related to what you are teaching. It is a very well-known fact that slow learners catch the things which they see very easily as compare to reading. Using this technique you can make your teaching sessions very effective and full of enjoyment at the same time.

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Be patient

The most important thing to take care while teaching slow learner kids is to be patient with them. Don’t move too quickly and overwhelm a child to finish the work. Try to identify in which point they are facing any problem. Also, before starting a new lesson repeat the points of your previous class. Making special notes for them would be very beneficial. Be patient with them and also encourage them to give more answers. Don’t forget to celebrate their victories.

These are some of the tips which can help you in teaching slow learners. The very necessary thing which a person needs who has a slow learning issue or completely learning disability is your support. The person may require special attention but being responsible for their learning you should be very calm and supportive to them.

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