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Hi, I’m Vivian Jones, a part-time blogger, a full-time homemaker, and as I like to call myself, a no-nonsense mother of two mischievous girls. A very merry cherry welcome to my website. I’m the brain behind the development and management of vdecordesigns.com

While I am the brain, the heart, and soul of vdecordesigns.com “Guide to Sofas”my team is a bunch of my friends, who seem to know all there’s to know about every about modern home decor trends under the sky.

“Guide to Sofas” is such an amazing source of all information you can use on decorating and embellishing your home.

Home decoration is an integral part of our life. Whether rich or poor, traditional or modern, small or big, all of want our home to look the best decorated, the most beautiful and warm and welcoming home.

We have been committed to bringing you the latest trends, the most popular style, and the newest fashion in home and interior decor, furnishings, and home decoration. We are always on the lookout for new designs and designers and bring their products for your perusal.

“Guide to Sofas” is your link to your home decoration and improvement needs. We understand your deep desire to make your home a dream home. All your queries, all you need to know about interior decor & design, furniture, and are discussed here.

Now, you must have your doubts about how my team and I select products for my best product testicles. Just to be clear, we do not encourage or entertain paid product promotions.

Each and every review you will read in this site are painstakingly curated after hours of market research, a thorough analysis of verified user reviews, and when possible, our hands-on experience with the products.

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