Best Cheap Sectional Couches Under $300

Best Sectional Sofas Under 300$

One of the most important furniture investments in your home is a sofa. Aside from your bed, the sofa is the most used piece of furniture.  Sofas come in different designs and sizes, which means, doing some research and pre-selecting styles before committing to a purchase is a must.

Because this piece of furniture holds that much importance, choosing which sofa to invest in can be a tad nerve-wracking. High-quality cheap sectional sofas under 500 are hard to come by.

Getting the famously versatile comfort of sectional sofa sets at an affordable price is a hard task but, as you’ll see below, there are a few great options.

In fact, with a minimum of $300, you can already get maximum satisfaction! Don’t believe us? Well, good thing we have gathered some clear proof for you, then.

Check out our list below of cheap sectional sofas that will surely provide you with an ultimate relaxing time at home.

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa for Small Space | Couch With Reversible Chaise

This model from Walsunny is the perfect solution for small spaces. Instead of looking at the sofa and loveseat sets under 500, you can kill two birds with one stone with this versatile sectional.

The sectional sofa Walsunny is nice and firm, you’ll never have to worry about sinking in the dot, the more you sit, in it the better.

Small space reversible sectional sofa perfect for my small apartment, upstairs loft, and more.

Sofa Walsunny with a reversible lounge, you can place the Ottoman on either side of the sofa.

I’ve collected my favorite finds for the best sectional couch under $300 to help you out with a choice.


No tools needed and easy-to-follow instructions to assemble. Anyone can easily install it in 10 minutes.

✅ The space is small, but it can seat four people at a time, it’s really useful at family gatherings.

✅ Cushion for leaning on is full and soft with good resilience; release all the pressure when you lean on it.

✅ The fabric of the sofa is soft and easy to clean and has strong air permeability.

✅ Free exchange for installation problems, damaged and missing parts within one year.

✅ Couch Dimensions-77.55’’(L)*27.56’’(W)*35.43’’(H).

✅ Weight Capacity: 660 lbs


Sleek, modern design Transitional piece of furniture that won’t last many years.
Can seat four people
One of the best sofas for smaller spaces
Comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.


HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch – Best Sectional Sofas Under 300

They offer this living room set under 300 dollars. This is an L shaped sectional sofa with a long chaise. Such a couch is capable of a strong presence, which means you do not need to add more elements to make the seating area look complete.

If you don’t have a large space to furnish, this model from HONBAY L-Shaped couch might be your best bet.

It’s elegant, understated, and comes in a neutral tone that will fit any color scheme.

This piece of the sofa will greatly freshen up your living space, demonstrating your unique taste of style, a perfect combination of fashion and function.


Pocket coils are used in the construction. The cushions are firm, giving the sitter more than enough back support.

✅ If seat cushions each pocketed coil cushion individually wrapped, high-strength recyclable steel coils encased in a specially designed foam shell, covered by a layer of Dacron. Benefits of a pocket coil seating over more traditional foam interiors.

✅ Sinuous springs are S-shaped and run from the front of the seat to the back, where they are clipped to the frame. These springs are connected using quartz from side to side. They offer the spring of a coiled seat, but unlike coil options, if one fails you can replace a single one rather than the entire seat.

✅ Firm and comfortable the cushions you sit on are nice and firm. You’ll never have to worry about sinking in not the more you sit-in at the better.

✅ Space-saving small, space reversible sectional sofa perfect for my small apartment, upstairs loft, and more.

✅ Easy assembly no tools needed and easy to follow instructions to assemble.

✅ Convertible sofa and ottoman mid-century modern linen fabric with sectional sofa with reversible chaise lounge.

✅ 5 x 35 x 30.3 Inches

✅ 3 lbs item weight

✅ 660 lbs weight capacity


The cushion looks great and feels comfy tooIts height may be a little higher
It has an easy yet appealing design
It is basic to put together and develop
It is easy to move as it is light-weight
The cushions get their shape back rapidly after you get up from sitting


Jy Qaqa Convertible Sectional Sofa – Good $ Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 300

Even if your home has limited space, you can rock JY QAQA convertible sectional sofa with ease.

You get to choose between two colors – gray and brown. Interestingly, the upholstery works well with almost any home decor, and the linen fabric also makes it easier to maintain this unit.

This sofa sets clean lines, solid construction, and a comfortable finish that the whole family will love. Perfect for an apartment, a studio, a condo, or a small space.


This sectional couch sets with chaise lounge and ottoman are crafted from solid wood with an L-shaped silhouette that works well in any corner or living room.

✅Chaise lounge base can go on the left or right freely as you like.

Convertible sofa couch doesn’t need any tools to assemble.

✅ Sport velcros on the bottom of the cushions can avoid slipping when seating.

✅ The sofa couch constructed with a hardwood frame and covered with comfortable and textured linen fabric.

✅ Sturdy and Durable legs with a weight capacity of 660 lbs. stably support the entire sofa and your family.

✅ High resilient sponge cushions are elastic, more comfortable in use, and last longer.

✅ Dirty- Resistant Linen fabric covers are removable and easy to wash.

✅All product offers a 30-day refund guaranty and 1-year replacement warranty!


Easy assemblyOnly available in one color
Reversible for easy re-designNo free shipping for Prime Members
Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
Removable covers for quick and easy cleaning
Made of solid hardwood construction frame and legs

Zinus Sectional Jackie Classic Upholstered 71 Inch Sofa/Living Room Couch

If you’re looking for some living room sofas that could add a touch of class, look no further than this offering from Zinus.

This sofa offers a minimalist, grown-up style in a small size. Since the sofa measures just 71 inches in length, it’s both portable and easy to tuck into most small space, and its classic design with the flared arms gives off a timeless look.

Despite being only 85 pounds and taking just minutes to assemble, this sofa is very sturdy. Its frame is made from elegant and strong wood, and its cushioning provide the sitter with plenty of comfort and support.

The Zinus Jackie sofa is quite comfortable and easy to sit on. The back cushions are the right balance of soft and firm and the seat cushion is firm but still squarely in the comfort zone. The soft cushions are filled with supportive foam cushioning, specifically, CertiPUR-US certified foam that complies with strict standards for durability, emissions, and content.

The compact sofa is made with durable, easy-to-clean polyester fabric.

You may need another person to help you assemble it. Otherwise, it’s not that complicated to set up.

All in all, it’s definitely one of the top sofas under 500. You also won’t find a better gray sectional under $700.

The Zinus Jackie Upholstered Sofa is a great small-space sofa. A few minor design tweaks would make it fantastic, but it’s modern, comfortable, and well-priced nonetheless.

If cheap sectional sofas under $300 just aren’t cutting it, you might want to go towards a more traditional route with this classic sofa from Zinus. It’s a lightweight couch with high-quality upholstery and won’t disappoint even the most finicky sitters. And it is still around 300 dollars!


✅ The neutral yet unique greenish tint of the upholstery.

✅ Cotemporary silhouette to compliment your setting.

✅ Hardwood frame and legs adding durability to the design.

✅ Petite dimensions offering a snug fit in either corner or center.

✅ Affordable comfort under 400 dollars.

✅ Easy to assemble without any tools.

✅ Easy to wash or clean.

✅ Couch Dimensions: 70.9 x 31.1 x 34.6 in

✅ Weight: 85.4 lbs.


ComfortableArms and back are a bit short
Convenient size
Firm (but still comfortable) seat
Durable wood frame
More of a traditional configuration
Quick and easy set-up
Sleek, minimalist design
Supportive memory foam cushioning


Things to Consider When Shopping for a Sofa

When shopping for larger pieces of furniture for your house, such as a sofa, you need to consider that it really is an investment for your home. You want to choose carefully when shopping because you want items that will last a long time as these tend to be the pricier pieces in the household and aren’t typically ‘throwaway’ items. So pay attention to things like frame construction and general material used for the furniture.

Another thing to think about is style. There are so many types of sofas that have an idea of what sort of style you want is important.

Not only should you consider if you want more traditional or contemporary, but you should also consider if you want a more open look and feel or if you want a skirted sofa or one that sits directly on the floor.

There are also a lot of different types to consider – the chaise, the sectional, the traditional.

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Soft Brush Microfiber Sectional Sofa

Looking for a grey sectional under $700? This small space configurable sectional sofa features an exquisite modern design.

The sofa comes wrapped in carefully selected microfiber upholstery. It is water and stain-resistant. It’s incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.

When it comes to the frame, it is made from hardwood.
It consists of aluminum detachable legs. Thus, you can easily place it as per your requirement without any problem.

It requires only minimal assembling which means that you will be able to use it quite quickly without any problem.

This is truly the best sofa under 400 if you want something contemporary.


✅ Smart design

✅ Specially designed microfiber provides the ultimate look while maintaining durability.

✅ The style is configurable with movable ottoman and seats

✅ Aluminum detachable legs

✅ Hardwood frame

✅ Minor assembly required (screw-on legs).

✅ Couch Dimensions: 78″ x 54″ x 34″.


Smooth fabricBack cushions not included
Sturdy constructionLegs get flimsy over time but can be unscrewed
Strong hardwood frame
Comes in grey, white, and black
Spill and stain-resistant microfiber upholstery
Four adjustable options (left chaise, right chaise, centered chaise, detached ottoman)


Sofa Buying Guide

Finding just the right sofa for your home can make all the difference in how you use your space. The right fit, construction, and style will ensure you continue to love and make the most of your living room for many years to come. While this may seem like a daunting process, taking some measurements and answering a few basic questions can make finding the perfect sofa easy and fun!


Find your Size

Determining what size sofa you need will depend on your room size and configuration plus any other furnishings you already have in your space. Measure to determine the ideal length, and keep in mind that your favorite style may be a bit bigger or smaller, so decide on an optimum range. Leave space for end tables, chairs, and movement through your space.

Depth and height also matter. Again determine optimum depth and height, but leave leeway for smaller or larger based on comfort and style preferences.

Apartment living

look for scaled-down sofas designed specifically for tighter quarters. If space is an issue, consider a sectional or an apartment sofa. Sectionals can fit more seats into less overall floor space than a sofa/chair or sofa/loveseat combination and apartment sofas tend to have more compact dimensions than traditional sofas. However, by reviewing dimensions carefully when you shop you will find that trim silhouettes can be found in all sofa styles.

Pro tip: Look for styles with narrow arms so that more of the sofa dimensions are devoted to seating space.

For more about sofa sizing: How to Find the Right Size Couch for Your Room, What Do I Need to Know about Couch Depth? and Sofa vs Sectional

How It’s Made

Frame: Quality frames are made with hardwood construction that won’t warp, bend, or crack over the years. Look for hardwoods, steer clear of particleboard, softwood, plastic, or metal.

Frame Construction: Look for joinery techniques that will stand up to use. These include mortise and tenon frame construction, reinforced corner blocks, wooden dowels, or even metal screws and brackets.

An extremely strong and long-lasting choice is kiln-dried wood, with the moisture removed from the wood, these frames hold up very well over the years. Stay away from any sofa with a frame just stapled or glued together, this would be a red flag for a poor quality product that will not hold up over time.

Seating System: Sinuous springs provide support to the cushions. The springs are typically covered with padding and then fabric to complete the deck (the area under the cushions).

Springs made of heavy gauge metal will continue to provide support with use, while cheaper lower gauge springs will lose their shape over time. Some sofas are made with mesh instead of springs, which will have a much stiffer feel and have a much shorter lifespan than springs.

Cushion Construction: Look for cushions that have high-density foam core; they will be firm and will last. Low-density foam cushions will feel softer in showrooms but have a tendency to compress and wear out more quickly. Polyester fiber is very inexpensive and feels fluffy at first but will compress quickly.

Down fill is an expensive but very comfortable option, just be aware that it requires regular fluffing to maintain shape and comfort. If none of these options is the perfect choice for you, some sofas cushions will utilize the best of several materials to create a multi-ply result for comfort, longevity, and economy.

Cushion Attachment – Attached cushions make it tougher to clean your sofa, but provide more structure and are unlikely to require fluffing. Loose pillow backs and reversible seat cushions can be rotated so that the high usage seats don’t wear out before the rest of the sofa. Pillow back cushions often require fluffing to redistribute the fill.

Upholstery Options: Upholstery options abound, your choice here will depend on the preference of look and feel. However, remember that investing in quality for either leather or fabric will mean that your sofa will last considerably longer.

Leather – Top-grain leather is long-lasting and durable. It resists many stains but will need professional cleaning if it does stain.

Leather alternatives – Bonded leather is created from leather and is composited with other materials to create a much less expensive leather look and feel. This alternative is a cheaper option but it won’t last as long as real leather. Ultrawide and Microsuede are made of polyester Microfibers and quality versions of these products have very high thread counts, making them very resilient and durable with a soft, supple feel. While they don’t look or feel exactly like leather, they will last much longer than bonded-leather.

Fabric upholstery – Cotton, wool, linen, nylon, rayon, polyester, and blends give you a variety of looks and feel with unlimited styling options. Different materials have different strengths and weaknesses. Durability, comfort, and ease of care will vary. Look for tight weaves that keep their shape. Man-made materials like nylon and polyester tend to be more stain-resistant and easier to care for than natural materials.

Pro tip: Keep an eye out for a layer of padding between the frame and the upholstery. This enhances the look of your piece and will help keep the upholstery looking great for longer.

Fitting Your Style

Now that you know the nuts and bolts of what to look for, think about how you want it to look in your space.
Contemporary or Modern – with streamlined silhouettes and bold, angular or sleek styling.
Traditional or Classic – with ornate frames, curves, tufts, intricate patterns, carved details, and embellishments.
Transitional – a mix of traditional and contemporary, featuring clean lines with classic embellishments or classic lines with streamlined finishes.

And finally, make sure your sofa can make it into your room by carefully Measuring for Furniture Delivery


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