Category: Revolution

Electricity storage

As the offer of renewables develops, putting away power is essential for adjusting age and loads. Decisionmakers need to break down the financial and specialized benefits of the different stockpiling choices relying upon the utilization case. In the new universe of vitality, the supply of power from inexhaustible sources changes drastically. An adjust can be […]

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Improved availability and safety on the high seas

Hailed as a nautical point of reference one year prior, reason manufactured Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) have altogether enhanced seaward administration and support tasks for wind control plants, especially those situated a long way from the shore. The Magazine made up for lost time with the SOV Esvagt Froude on its first birthday celebration. The […]

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(R)evolution in turbine technology

In an enormous creation lobby in the western piece of Berlin, not a long way from the support of Siemens, many representatives are dealing with the absolute most effective gas turbines the world has ever known. Sharp edges are embedded into turbine modules and gas turbines are gathered with the most extreme precision. With in […]

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