Paid Or Free VPN Services: Which One To Choose?

Now the technology has grown vastly, you can connect to the Internet connection whenever and wherever you want. There are free WIFI Internet services in the restaurants, coffee shops, airports like places, but you can’t be sure about the security factor in such kinds of network. While is such situation you can connect to VPN services, using which you can hide your IP location from any trespassing or eavesdropping in your network. There are many VPN service providers you can find online. Some of them are paid ones and some of them are free services.

Here are shown some terms using which you can choose the best free VPN or paid VPN service to install in your device.

Best Free VPN

Price of the VPN

Most of the paid VPN services are quite reliable and gives the best confidentiality to their users on their browsing data. But there are some free services also which provided the similar service without causing any load on your pocket.

Security of the VPN

Even though you are getting the reliable VPN connection service for free there is a chance of having some restrictions also. Like many of the VPN service provide PPTP (Point to point tunneling protocol) connection which cannot be considered as very secure medium. It is fine if you would like to access something which is not allowed in your own network, but it won’t hide your browsing data perfectly. However, there are also some paid and free services which provide upper-level network protection also, like the level 2 layer protocol (L2LP) or open source protocol which uses SSL encryption etc.

Quality of the service

In some of the free VPN even though you do not have to pay for the services, but then you may have to pay more with your network usage. Some of the VPN connection uses more data than your genuine network.

In such cases, paid service gives better performance but there are many other options for VPN services, which you can use to increase the speed of your browsing.

Bottom line

While using paid services you do not have to worry about the privacy, security, performance of your network connection. But there are also some free services available which provide the similar properties in their services as well. You just need to choose the VPN connection which can give you the best services.

What Are The Different Features Of Dedicated Servers?

What -Are -The- Different- Features -Of- Dedicated -Servers?


A dedicated server is a computer that is reserved for serving all the requirements of the network. It is the best kind of hosting service for the site that consists of considerable traffic. In the web hosting business field the dedicated servers are rented and effectively use with the help of web server, important software, and internet. These servers are housed in the property area of web hosting companies.

It is very important before selecting any hosting server to consider all its essential features and benefits too. Because the benefits we get from the hosting service is not only advantageous for small businesses but also for big businesses. In this article, we are going to discuss the important features of the dedicated server. So here they are-

Unique IP (Internet Protocol) Number

One of the most feature that dedicated servers consist is their unique IP address. So there is no need to maintain different IP number for different sites. The single IP address is capable to serve the entire server. There is also one big advantage of this thing is that all the traffic that comes to your IP address will reach your website only.

Completely secure

The level of security dedicated servers offer are incredible. No one can access your server. There is complete assurance of security. There are also many security measures are employed in these servers like phishing detection alerts and malware, installation of the firewall, SSL certificates and many more for the complete security of data on the network servers.

Great technical support

Dedicated servers offer great technical support to their users through their expert team members. They help during the time of any technical problems. They are really very fast in resolving technical problems effectively. The expert professional of these servers also give you the necessary information and suggestions while having any website problem or troubleshoot issues.

Easy to Upgrade

These servers also allow us to add extra bandwidth, Random Access Memory (RAM). It also gives their customers an opportunity to increase the speed of processor according to the requirement of your website. It also offers high uptime assurance over a specific period. Some recommended dedicated servers also provide free uptime guarantee to the users.

Bitcoin as a mode of payment

Dedicated Server Bitcoin
Dedicated Server Bitcoin

This is one of the most incredible features that some of the dedicated server hosting providers give to their users. They allow users to make payment for the servers with the help of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is very easy to use as well as make transactions very fast. If you also want to use Bitcoin for your dedicated server then you can search online about the dedicated server Bitcoin payments sites.

These are some of the important features of the Dedicated servers. You can also prefer these points before purchasing a dedicated server for yourself.


Importance Of Dedicated Server For Your Organisation

Today, online presence really matters a lot for every business. For an online business which completely depends on the online presence, it is important to have a good server to manage and operate their websites easily. There are the number of servers are available due to the growing high demand for the servers.The dedicated server is also a type of physical servers which can be operated or used by only one individual. This server work for hosting the websites that only belongs to the customer. Such websites have the capability of utilising the memory resources and processor within the system or which have the huge amount of data and database. A recent survey on dedicated hosting services revealed that the dedicated server is one of the finest hosting arrangement for every business and websites. As it does not allow to share the server with anyone, your websites will not get affected by any other websites and remain safe and secure. This is the best feature and benefit of a dedicated server that it makes your data and websites secure and safe. As it can only be used by one user, your websites never go slow down even if other websites are going busy. Thus, this is the reason dedicated server is recognized as the most reliable and secure hosting service.


There is a numerous number of advantages of having a dedicated server. Some most major advantages are

  • It provides the high security to your data and websites.

  • There is no scope of your websites become slowly as it does not share with any other website.

  • In case if managed servers, it gives a great technical support.

  • It also increases the server reliability with the time.

  • It also allows upgrading as your website grows.

  • Great bandwidth and space.


Dedicated servers can cost you more than the shared ones but it is really a worth to invest in dedicated servers as it gives loads of benefits to its users. You can also opt for 10 gbps dedicated server which provides the extreme bandwidth for your streaming and sharing. It is the best for the one who needs the high bandwidth. Having a good server can be very beneficial to your websites. It helps to make your website accessible and popular. Ultimately in return, your profits of the company get increased.  

It is really beneficial and better than the shared servers. This is the best platform which is available for the companies which are new as well as for existing companies.