Cheap Sofa Beds: 5 Tips to Choose a Quality Sofa

As a consumer, you’re always looking for a great deal. Steep discounts, cheap prices, and promotions draw you in and virtually force you to buy products that simply aren’t the best quality. After all, it’s very difficult to pass up a deal on any cheap item.

When it comes to cheap sofa beds, you’ll find plenty of options online. But there’s just one problem: you won’t be able to see the product in person. So, you have to rely on a few certain specifications and measures to ensure that the discount sofa bed you need right now will be worth every penny.

We’re going to discuss five tips consumers should consider when buying cheap sleeper sofas.

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1. Improper Sizing

It’s very difficult to buy a sofa without knowing the measurements. Pictures are misleading and can cause you to buy a sleeper sofa online that’s either too small or too big for your space. Instead, the smart choice is to look for the measurements of the sofa either in the product listing or by looking at the company’s website.

Never make a purchase without knowing the size of the sofa and its exact measurements.

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2. Poor Quality

The word “cheap” can be very misleading. While cheap is meant to be low-cost, you don’t want to buy a sofa bed online only to find out that it will fall apart within a few months of use. Instead, do your research and see what other consumers have said about the products.

  • What type of fabric is it? What benefits does this fabric offer?
  • What type of legs does it have?
  • What type of warranty is present?

You can expect cheap sleeper sofas for sale from unknown companies, or products that are defective that may have minor scratches or other issues. Always read through the description and ensure that the product you’ll be receiving is new – not used – and that there’s some form of warranty or return available.

Just because a product is cheap, that doesn’t mean it should break within a month or two.

Your goal should be to find a cheap sofa that’s also reliable. This means finding a sofa that’s now discontinued, or a company that’s trying to get rid of inventory to make room for new stock and is selling its products for cheaper.

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3. Buy from Known Companies

You might find a cheap futon sofa bed from a small company based in Korea, but what do you really know about the company? It’s always better to buy any type of sofa or furniture from a known brand or company.


You’ll be able to do research on the company and look into the warranty program that the company offers. If a company is well-known for their quality construction and cheap prices, you’re lowering the risk of having to return a cheap sofa bed because it’s not a quality product.

If you have the option to return the sofa because of defects or breakage, then you know the product is likely of higher quality.

Don’t expect many companies to offer a warranty beyond the initial delivery. If a product arrives broken or is missing a piece, you’ll definitely want to know if the company has quality customer service, which is something we’ll be talking about shortly.

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4. How Is Customer Service?

No matter what product you buy, there’s always the chance that it will arrive broken, there will be a piece missing, or some other issue will arise. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying socks or a sofa bed – you need to know that customer service is willing to help you.

If you purchase a cheap sectional sofa bed, and one of the pieces is missing, how can you contact customer service?

Ideally, customer service will offer one or a combination of ways to contact them:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live chat

If customer service is nonexistent or not helpful at all, don’t buy a cheap product from one of these companies. There’s always a chance, like I said earlier, that the product may arrive damaged, and you need a way to rectify the issue.

You may also want to investigate the company’s return policy.

5. Buy from a Reputable Source

The final tip is to buy from a reputable source. Don’t know where to buy a sleeper sofa online? Several companies run sales, from furniture companies to large online retailers, such as Amazon.

Always know that the source you’re buying from:

  • Has a reputable name.
  • Offers customer service that’s helpful.
  • Is a trusted retailer.

You never want to buy from a company that has no reviews online, isn’t incorporated, or has a bad reputation in the industry. It’s better to pay a little more instead of buying sofa beds for cheap from a company that’s in the business of scamming people.

Cheap sofa beds are available, but you need to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. The five tips that we discussed will help you make a smart sofa bed purchase.




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