Crafty Fabric Manipulation To Create Designs And Patterns On It

Crafty Fabric Manipulation To Create Designs And Patterns On It

Using some creative craft work on a fabric you can make it look more beautiful while crafting with fabric require some sewing skills and if you have some expertise on sewing then you can play with some colourful patterns on fabrics and use your creativity to make it prettier.

How to craft some beautiful embroideries and texture in fabric?


It is a sewing technique in which you can make use of some small fabrics or patches to make it together a big piece of fabric while this method is also called piece work. You can make some creative design work by adding some different types of fabric.


It is also a sewing technique in which you need to pieces of the fabric at the base and the edges of the main fabric which will make the fabric more durable on the edges. You can make use of needle sewing through hands or you can also make use of sewing machines.

Adding Beads or Bead work

There are different types of beads that you can use in your designing. You can make use of some shiny or some wooden beads also which can give it classier look. You can just sew or even stick (using Fabric glue) these beads to the fabric.

fabric trims
fabric trims

You need to be an expert to do embroidery on fabrics. In this process, you can make use of some colourful yarns or threads and can make stitches on the fabric to create some patterns. There are various techniques of embroidery using that you can create beautiful artwork on the fabric as a canvas.

Adding Trims

Whatever is in the fabric accept its own yarn material all the other accessories added to a fabric, all are actually trims only. These trims are used for supporting fabric and it also adds more beautiful features on the fabric. You can purchase some beautiful fabric trims from the online stores.

Fabric painting

You can make use of your creative artwork and can draw some beautiful patterns and design on the fabric while you should make sure that the colour you are using should be the natural colour. There are many more methods which you can apply for making a fabric look more beautiful. You can make use these creative techniques on your old dresses to make it look new while it can also provide more support to the dress fabric.

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