DHP Emily Splitback Futon Review 2021

A Best-Seller with Exceptional Quality

Sitting on this futon, you’ll quickly realize that this white sofa bed (vanilla) is one of the best-rated sofa beds for a reason – it’s exceptionally comfortable.

And, Emily futon reviews are always exceptional despite the model’s low price.

Before we dive into our first-hand review of the DHP Emily Splitback futon, I want to point out the pros and cons that we experienced during our review.


  • Converts effortlessly from a chase to a sleeper.
  • Replacement parts are easily available for free from the company.
  • Converts to a near full-size bed when opened.
  • Both sides open independently, allowing you to create an extra seat for more guests.


  • A little harder than I expected.

Our Thoughts

When we first sat on this model, we found that it was little harder than what we imagined. And, this hardness also translates when laying on the futon itself. However, the quality is exceptional, and once you break-in the cushioning, it’s very comfortable.

I really like the fact that you can independently open each side of the futon to allow for more space.

For the price, it’s difficult to find a futon of this quality and durability. It’s one of the better models that we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, and over 1,000 people have agreed that this is a great futon to own.

Detailed DHP Emily Splitback Futon Review


When we first looked at this product, we noticed that the weight was listed as 240 pounds; far too heavy for a futon. I want you to know that this is an error, and the product weighs just 81 pounds, which is light enough for you to carry the box into your home and assemble it.

You may need the help of a friend carry the box in your house.

Assembly was a Breeze

The initial assembly process always worries me because you never know how good the instructions will be, or if you’ll have to struggle to put together a simple piece of furniture. This futon sofa sleeper is simple and easy to assemble.

Not only are the instructions clear and concise, but it takes just 15 to 20 minutes to put together.

You also have the option of paying more to have the item preassembled for you, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend paying the extra price – assembly is that easy.

Comfortable Material and a Beautiful  Color

When you first sit on a futon, you’ll realize that it’s harder than a traditional couch. But, futons are also much less expensive and more versatile than the usual couch. This model converts easily from a chase to a sleeper.

The seated height is 16 inches while the depth is 23 inches, which is more than enough room to sit comfortably on the futon.

When folded, the dimensions are as follows:

  • 32 inches high
  • 71 inches wide
  • 34 inch depth

Once you unfold this model, the dimensions are 70.5 inches x 43.5 inches x 15.5 inches. In terms of bed size, the small sofa bed is actually misleading. According to the measurements and my own experience on the futon, this model is bigger than a twin size bed and slightly smaller than a full-size bed.

In my opinion, this is great. If unexpected guests come over, you have one of the best convertible sofa beds on the market to accommodate them.

So, what does the material feel like?

Modern sleeper sofas for small spaces need to be able to be cleaned with ease. If you have kids, you know that they will drop drinks and food on the sofa bed. But, that is no longer an issue thanks to the Emily Splitback futon.

The leather futon sofa bed is actually tufted faux leather. Being water resistant, you won’t have to worry about this model getting dirty. Simply wipe away any liquid that is on the surface and enjoy a futon that looks like new.

If you’re looking for a pure white sofa, know that this sofa sleeper features a cream color.

Durability and Functionality

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for a small sofa sleeper for small rooms. And I highly recommend this model because it’s an apartment size sofa bed / futon. It’s the ideal choice for smaller spaces or homes that want a modern, chic look.

The legs of this futon are chrome, so they are very stylish and sturdy.

Using click-back technology, you can adjust the back of the futon in multiple positions, which allow you the utmost in comfort. The cushioning itself is firm, as mentioned earlier, and is made from high density polyester and foam.

As you sit on this model, you’ll notice how sturdy it is. One thing I really like is that each of the backs of the futon can be folded down independently. If one person wants to lay down and watch TV, they can do so on one side of the futon, while the other side is still in the upright sitting position.

If you have a little cocktail party, you can fold down the futon and effectively have four chairs that guests can sit on.

I really like this level of flexibility and functionality that a normal lounger sofa bed wouldn’t offer.

If you’re very savvy, you definitely want to know that this futon comes in several different colors, including: gray, vanilla and black. Another neat feature, which a lot of people don’t talk about, is that you can buy an actual chair (which is more like a lounge chair) that can be added to the end of the futon.

Going through all of my sofa bed reviews, this is probably the one futon that I would recommend for small apartments and spaces because it is very versatile. Affordable, made of quality materials and an exceptional design make this a great choice for any home or office.





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