Genuine Tips To Consider While Buying A Sander

Sanding is not an act of fun for the woodworkers but their profession, they would definitely need a reliable and best orbital sander in order to complete their projects on time and to bring flow in their work.

Are you willing to buy a sander? Consider the tips mentioned in this article make your selection to best.


Examine your needs


You must be identical to your needs to select the best tool, do find out whether:-

The part needs only to be adjusted or just sanding.

You require a definite surface-finish or removal of stock.

Other than the two basic analysis, select a product according to the quality, shape, and size of the parts to be finished. If your working time is more than the estimated hours then choosing an ordinary, low-cost sander might spoil the whole working schedule.


Machine selection


best orbital sander


As sanding machines are available in different contours, sizes, shapes, and price. Attempting through the endless variation of products, it becomes quite confusing and complicated for the buyer to stick upon a specific sender. The market of the small and medium-sized machine is extensively vast that let the buyer think upon the specification of all the similar products. Depending on the extension of your business and time duration of operating the machine, make a suitable selection.


Head types


Basically, there are four head types found among the sanding machine and they are planer, wide belt, sharp planers, and brush. All have their own uses importance in accomplishing woodworks. Knife planers are designed uniquely comprising of a metal roller to cut down the larger pieces of stocks from all the ends. Right after using knife planers, you would require belt head for the complete finish.





Abrasive is the common fraction in any of the sanding machine. The machine acts just as a backup and it’s the abrasives that perform the whole task. It guarantees the performance of sander, therefore, select a right abrasive for your application to optimize the performance and lower down the consumable costs. Usually, the premium abrasive are expensive but their strategic performance can help you attain more profit by increasing the overall production.




All the tips given were in respect of buying a new sander. People can also opt for a used machine, however, it would require some sort of research regarding your wok’s specification and that too about the mechanical abilities of machine you will be buying.


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