Homelegance Meyer 4956PU Review 2021: Beauty Meets Affordability

The Homelegance Meyer 4956PU is a modern sofa bed that pulls out to a twin size bed, has room for an 8 inch thick mattress, and truly looks elegant. This daybed is brown with vinyl, which is both beautiful and comfortable.

You won’t have a problem with this bed matching your decor.

I’m going to provide you with an in-depth review of Homelegance Meyer 4956PU, which is one of the best sofa beds under 500 dollars. But first, I won’t provide you with the pros and cons that this modern sofa sleeper offers.


  • Very attractive look with an easy assembly.
  • Works as a sofa/daybed/trundle.
  • Sturdy construction with a beautiful dark brown bi-cast vinyl.
  • Offers a modern sofa bed with storage as an extra perk.


  • Many buyers complain of broken parts during shipment (more on this shortly).

Our Assessment

This is not a cheap sofa bed, and I didn’t experience any broken parts during my review. With that said, being a heavier sofa bed, I can definitely see how parts may be broken during shipment. Thankfully, all you need to do is call customer service, and they will send you out new parts or a replacement shipment.

For me, this is one of the best sofa beds for everyday use because it’s sturdy and aesthetically-pleasing.

This unit provides more elegance than a futon, such as the DHP Emily Splitback Futon, but it also comes at a price that is significantly higher. If you want a daybed with a trundle, the Homelegance Meyer 4956PU is one of your best options.

Not only is this unit aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also very durable (as we’ll talk about in our review).

Homelegance Meyer 4956PU Review

We’ve had the pleasure of writing sleeper sofa reviews for several different models, but this modern furniture bed is a little bit different than the competition. First, I wanted to make note that this model is under $500, and it’s worth every penny.

You’ll be able to use your daybed for years with proper care.

And it has a touch of elegance that many daybeds simply don’t offer any more. While modern, you’ll find that the twin sofa bed is very comfortable. This is one of the most comfortable sleeper sofas we’ve had the pleasure of sitting on.


I always have a tendency to start with the assembly process because it can be rather difficult to put together a sofa that weighs 190 pounds. In fact, I recommend having someone, maybe even two other people, help you bring this unit into your house and assemble it.

Even if you don’t need help with assembly, you will need help with moving the sofa – it’s rather heavy.

But, this is a testament to the quality of the unit. You don’t want a 40 pound sofa break under the weight of two people.

I recommend using a power drill with a screwdriver bit to make the assembly process faster. If you have just one person working on assembling the sofa, you can expect to spend about an hour to put it together. I found that all of the drilled holes lined up perfectly, allowing assembly to be smooth and fast.

And, you can use the normal screwdriver if you like, but it will take a little bit longer to complete the assembly.

Bed and Cushion Material and Comfort

Featuring a modern curved arm design, this model uses bi-cast vinyl faux leather that is both beautiful and easy to clean. You’ll notice that the day bed itself features a dark brown color with a rather fancy look.

I want to also note that this is a sofa bed with storage, so you can store items underneath this model.

However, the main functionality will be sitting on this pullout sofa bed. The ideal place to sit down and read a book or watch television, there are two mattresses you need to purchase: one for the day bed, and one for the trundle. Please note that the trundle needs a mattress that is no more than 8 inches thick.

So, you have a lot of options in terms of customizing your daybed’s comfort level.

You definitely don’t want a trundle mattress that is thicker than 8 inches because you won’t be able to close the unit properly. But, you can place a very comfortable 12 inch thick mattress on top for the utmost in padding when you sit down.

And if you choose not to place a mattress on the trundle, you can use this space for storage if you like.

Ultimately, both of the mattresses will act as two separate twin size beds. You won’t be able to pop up the trundle so that it is flushes with the top of the unit.

If you have kids, this is the perfect leather sofa with a bed pull out that is both smaller than a traditional sofa and much cheaper. You do have to spend a little more money to buy the mattresses, so please make note of this when you make your purchase.

Anyone that is looking for a sofa that is more like a traditional couch than this model, I recommend the Handy Living CAC4-S1-AAA85 050.


Since the bottom unit comes out as a trundle, you don’t want your children jumping on the sofa bed. If you sit on the unit and use it normally, you won’t have to worry about it breaking under pressure.

For a trundle, this is a rather durable model that should last you years with normal use.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you can easily wipe away spilt liquids thanks to the faux leather exterior. But, you will have to be careful with your mattress choice as mattresses can stain and absorb liquid.

The Homelegance Meyer 4956PU is one of my top choices for a daybed/trundle combination unit. Beautifully designed and easy to assemble, you also have the full opportunity to customize the comfort level of the sofa with your own mattress choices.

You could even pay a little extra to have it assembled for you after it’s delivered to your house, which is a very nice option to have.

In terms of comfort, this truly depends on the mattresses you choose, but I will state that pulling out the trundle is a breeze and that the exterior of the unit is very comfortable and durable.


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