How Much Is My Couch Worth – Selling Guide

Are you contemplating on how to sell a sofa, but feel like it will not be possible? It is simple, and you will benefit greatly when you know how to fix the price of your old furniture and negotiating with a serious buyer.

There are several reasons people sell their sofas. It could be to raise money to go for a more expensive brand or to raise money for other projects. Whatever the reason, selling your used furniture is worth it. And surprisingly, many people might be interested in buying your used furniture.

Here are a few things you should know about selling a sofa.

Selling Used Sofas – Steps To Follow

Selling a used sofa is different from when you are selling a brand new one. It may cost half the original price or less. And sometimes, you just have to lower your price to offload it. There are several ways you can get a fair deal for your couch.

First, you need to know how to approach the market and be able to convince serious bidders. Let’s have a look at some of the things to consider when selling a used couch.

Find a suitable place

There are several places (online and local stores), offering people the opportunity to sell their used furniture. Most people would like to use the online store because they do not need to advertise to anyone as is with local stores. Tons of serious buyers also visit most of these online sites on a daily basis to bid for used furniture.

Places you can sell your used couch are

  • Viyet
  • Route 66 furniture
  • AptDeco
  • Chairish
  • eBay
  • Friday-Ad

Some of them allow users to take pictures of their furniture and upload online by themselves. An interested buyer that likes the furniture through the picture uploaded online will contact the seller directly.

But in some sites, the original furniture owner is visited by the site operators.  And they may request documents of the property and can also take the furniture to their warehouse to sell on behalf of the owner. You will get your paycheck once the site operators sell the furniture.

There are dozens of places to sell used or new furniture. Simple online research will unveil most of them to you. You can also choose the site that is closer to you. For instance, eBay is popular in the UK. You can find out about their services and how to advertise on the site.

Build rapport

To gain trust, you must learn to build a solid rapport with potential buyers. It is business, and you need people to believe in what you are offering. Every buyer will want to be sure that they are not buying an already damaged piece of furniture. So it is left for you to convince them to buy your used couch.

In addition, don’t make your customers have the mindset that you are selling your couch because they are bad. Give them a cogent reason for taking such action. You can say it’s because you are planning to buy a more expensive brand or want a different color on the couch because of the changes you are planning for your décor.

Demonstrate your authority

Now, this is something every couch seller must do. You must help a potential buyer to decide why your couch is a perfect choice. How can you achieve this? First, conduct in-depth research on the couch you intend to sell. Find out the materials used in making the furniture like the type of wood, fabric, and other features.

You need to demonstrate to the buyer why your couch will be the perfect match. If the color of the couch you are selling will not perfectly match their décor, you can help them decide the changes they need to make.

Tell them about the fabric, and why it is perfect for them. If you are selling a leather chair, don’t fail to discuss the quality, pros, and cons with the intended buyer.

How to determine price of your used couch

The first question you need to ask is how much is my couch worth? You need to determine the price you can sell it before putting it up for sale. There are many factors that can determine the price, which you need to know.

Consider the quality

The quality of the couch would have depreciated a bit. It won’t be like the first time you bought it because it has seen many years of use. Quality differs from couch to couch. And the factors you can use to judge its quality are the wood, joints, and finish.

Place yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Do you think the couch is made of good wood material? Are the joints still intact? Will the buyer have to spend a little more before using the couch? These are factors you also must consider.

Couch size

The size of your couch is another factor that can determine the price. Not directly, though, but you have to consider a fair price to favor the buyer. The buyer will incur additional costs when transporting a largely sized couch than a small or custom size couch.

Because most apartments are built to economize space, couch with small sizes is much preferred by many homeowners. A small couch will fit a large or small room. But the same cannot be said of a large couch.


Everyone is looking for the latest style and design even if the couch they are buying is old. How sellable your couch will be is a function of its style and popularity. It would be better if it is just a neutral modern style that will not become outdated easily.


Your old or used furniture can bring you some money. So don’t dispose of it just like that. Find how to sell them and how to get a fair price from serious buyers. This post highlights some of the important steps to take when selling a used couch. You will be amazed at how easy selling a used couch is.



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