How to Choose The Best Sofa For Back Problems

Are Recliners Bad for Your Back?

At the end of the day, nothing feels better than putting your feet up and relaxing. But when you go to get out of your chair, You notice pain in your back. This may cause you to ask, “Are Recliners really good for our health?”

In this article, we’re going to discuss the three things that are essential to you and your health in every recliner.

Those things are feet elevation, lumbar support, and body fit.

And the reason why you wouldn’t want to buy anything other than a reclining chair.

What to Look For When Choosing a Recliner?

One of the most important features when choosing a recliner is to ensure that you have complete and total back and lumbar support.

When you look at a Recliner, you are gonna always notice that their lower cushion here that meets the seat cushion is always a little extended.

Therefore, when we extend the chair back to its full-reclined position when a person is sitting in the chair the weight or the load of the chair is placed here. So, what is accomplished here, as you will see, is that it compresses and pushes this cushion down, creating even more support and closing that gap even more.

So the person always has 100 percent and total lumbar support while sitting in a Recliner. After a long day of standing and sitting, it’s important to give your body some relief.

The easiest way to do this is by elevating your feet. Elevating your feet not only allows the lower body to return the blood back to your upper body but also gives your back relief. In doing all this, your body is able to relax and heal quicker and recover from a long day.

Why’s that important?

It puts you at zero gravity and zero gravity puts your feet above your heart level It reduces your blood pressure and causes your blood to flow more evenly without a lot of stress or pressure.

How to Drive This Recliner?

All the Recliner chairs operate on the same parallel. So you just sit down, you reach over and grab this handle. You’re going to throw yourself up and get to that point where we are nice and elevated at the feet level.

Our core muscles are constantly working to give our upper and lower bodies the balance they require. Elevating our feet and supporting our lower back allows them to recover much quicker.

How to Find a Recliner That Fits Your Body

All recliners are built for different body types. Some are shorter, some are wider and some have extended footrests. It’s important to find a recliner that fits your body type.

A recliner that doesn’t fit your body properly can cause extensive leg, neck, and back pain. There are three things that I want to point out in finding that perfect fit for you.

-You want to make sure you find a chair that’s going to meet the back of your leg, as far as the depth of the seat.

– You want to make sure the shoulders’ gonna meet about halfway up on the cushion, and most importantly, your head’s not going to be pressed forward. Which will cause you the neck pain that we talked about?

-You want to make sure that when you’re in a reclining position that your feet are not dangling too far over the edge of the chair.

The most common complaint we have is neck pain. The cushion pushing the neck and head too far forward causes this. This is can be resolved by clicking the link and following the recliner’s three-step guide to finding the perfect recliner.

Back pain will affect most people at some point in their life. So it’s important that you find a recliner that relieves you from that pain and not adds to it. So, it’s important to find a recliner fits your body, elevates your feet above heart level, and gives you total lumbar support.

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