How -To- Choose -The -Right -Type -Of -Bearing- For- Your- Application

How To Choose The Right Type Of Bearing For Your Application


How -To- Choose -The -Right -Type -Of -Bearing- For- Your- Application


Selection of bearing can be sometimes tricky. You might be confused as the bearings come in many different types such as the deep groove, ball bearing, angular contact, self-aligning, roller, taper roller, and thrust roller ball bearings. The selection of the ball bearing depends on many factors like nature of the load, expected life of a bearing, the speed of the shaft, nature of the environment where the bearing is working and your application.

Above factors are necessary to consider while you buy ball bearings but after considering these factors also know that generally ball bearings are suitable for small machines which run at high speed whereas roller bearing is suitable for the machines which are placed for heavy loads.

Check out the basic selection criteria for every type of ball bearing –


  • Deep groove ball bearing is generally used for thrust and radial loads. Usually thrust loads are up to maximum two-thirds of the radial loads.
  • Angular contact ball bearing is made to support the combined radial loads and heavy thrust loads which depends on the contact angle magnitude. The ball bearings which has large magnitude angle are suitable for heavy thrust loads.
  • Self-alignment ball bearing provides support to the primarily radial loads where +4° self-alignment is required. Also, need to take extra care while selecting this kind of ball bearing due to excessive misalignment. Even the thrust load when gets greater than 10% of the radial load causes failure early.


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  • Spherical roller ball bearing is best for moderate thrust and heavy radial loads. The internal self-alignment of this ball bearing is used in various applications like HVAC fans.
  • Cylindrical roller ball bearings have cylinders with approximate length where ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:3 as rolling elements. This ball bearing generally used for the heavy radial loads and they are especially useful for the free axial movement of the shaft.
  • Taper roller bearing is also used for both heavy radials and thrust. This is made as that all the elements in a rolling surface meet at a point to obtain the true rolling.
  • Needle ball bearings have rollers which are at least 4 times bigger than the diameter. They are used or suitable for where space is a factor and are also available with or without inner race.


These are some different types of ball bearings with the general selection criteria which will help you to select the right type of bearing for your application.

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