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How To Decorate With A Sectional

When you are thinking of how to style a living room, the sectional sofa is the first thing that comes to mind. It will allow you to create diverse sitting arrangements to suit your living space. However, the layout and size can make it more daunting to place a sectional in the living room.

But don’t let it prevent you from going on with plans to explore the numerous sitting arrangements that will give your living space a new look. Here are tips on how to make good use of and enhance the look of your living room with a sectional sofa. Read on!

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Pick your focal point

Your focal point should help you to decide the seating arrangement in your living room. It could be the point where you have your television situated; large window that allows proper ventilation or a fireplace. It could be any of these.

In terms of size, sectional sofas are usually the biggest furniture in the living room. And as such, should be placed opposite the room’s focal point. However, if your focal point is a television, place your sectional sofa at least 12 feet away from it. It should also be directly opposite it.

The reason for this is to allow everyone to have a clear view of the television in the living room, no matter the direction they are seating at. But, if you are dealing with two separate focal points, then you must think of how to arrange sectional sofa in the living room carefully.

If the focal points involve a window and fireplace, place a comfortable chair just at the fireplace and let your biggest sitting area be by your window to enjoy both conditions.

If you are dealing with a fireplace focal point and want your living room to look modern, the L-shape couch is a great option. It makes excellent fireplace furniture and fits perfectly.

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Keep the flow

No matter how small your living area is, there is a sectional sofa that will fit perfectly. You just have to know how to make it work. Know that the family room acts as a relaxation spot and an avenue for visitors and family members to socialize. So you mustn’t disrupt the flow.

Sofas come in different sizes, designs, and shapes. Some also come with a chaise lounge end that can turn out to be very awkward if you don’t position it properly. Many homeowners prefer to arrange their sofa again the largest area or wall in their homes. But doing this will only impede the flow in the living room.

So if you are thinking of how to decorate with a sectional sofa, then consider this. Place the sectional sofa at the center or middle of your room. Let’s assume you already know what your focal point is. And as earlier said it could be a fireplace, television or window. It depends on which one of them you consider to be it.

You can place an ottoman or table in front so as to give a more intimate and comfy feel. But remember not to cluster your sectionals or other furniture in the apartment. Leave enough space around them for easy movement in and out of the area to other places in the home.

The doorway is another area you should consider when placing your sectionals. But, if you are placing your sofas in the center area, far away from the doorway, there is no way movement will be impeded. The position of your doorway can also determine your focal point.

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Keep the room balanced

Your room can become unbalanced once the sectional has been positioned. It is the biggest furniture in size, so placing it at the center will create empty spaces around it which need to be filed, as it can make the center of your room to become weighted down if not addressed.

You need to keep the room balanced by placing bigger furniture on the other side that is empty after you may have arranged your sectional. This will keep the room balanced. But try not to disrupt the flow of movement.

That said if you have a large family room with enough space behind the sofa after you may have completely arranged your sectional sofa, you can place a large chair and desk behind this area and use it as a study area.

But, if you don’t like the idea of creating a place people can sit down and study, you can still balance your living room by creating a reading nook or cozy seating region behind the sofa. Place comfortable and large chairs in the area, in a special U-shape or something similar to your sectional sofa. You can also position them to face another focal point like a fireplace, artwork, or window.

Focus on making the room comfy

While arranging your furniture, convenience and comfort should be among the two things in your mind. Do not place the seats in such a way that they will be difficult to access. And they should not restrict movement either. If your room size is small, focus on how to arrange a sectional in a small living room without causing any obstruction. It shouldn’t prevent the family’s function too.

However, placing the sofas at the center of your living room will give easy access from all sides. Then, you can allow the wall space to be open for other activities like studying or reading. Don’t forget to go for accessories such as end tables, coffee tables, ottoman, and chairs. They can make your living room more comfortable and convenient.

You can place your sectional round a coffee table with a unique color that matches that of your furniture. You can also place a lamp on a table and put both in between the sectional and a loveseat or chair.


Follow these tips to make your home more comfortable and attractive with a sectional sofa. And don’t forget that this piece of furniture comes in different colors, so you can choose the color that best fits your décor.


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