How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable In 5 Steps

Sofa beds are a convenient way to accommodate overnight guests, but the one thing that a lot of people complain about when sleeping on these beds: they’re uncomfortable. Springs poke into your back, and the mattress doesn’t offer much cushioning. While this isn’t true for all sleeper sofas, a lot of models (especially older ones) are difficult to sleep on.

If your sleeper sofa is uncomfortable, don’t torture your overnight guests. Use these tips on how to make your sofa bed more comfortable.

Add Cushioning

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a sofa bed more comfortable is to invest in a mattress topper. The extra padding will cushion the mattress and make it easier on your guests’ backs.

Mattress toppers may be filled with memory foam or down feathers. While the material is a matter of preference, thicker covers will add more depth and comfort to the mattress while still ensuring that it can be folded back into the sofa. And if you live in a colder area, you may consider purchasing a heated mattress pad to keep guests cozy and warm at night.

When shopping for a mattress topper, be sure to look for products that are designed for sofa beds to ensure that the mattress can still be folded up into the couch.

Flip and Rotate the Mattress

Another simple way to improve the comfort of your pullout sofa bed is to simply flip the mattress. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to restore comfort. Ideally, you should be rotating the mattress in your sleeper sofa just as often as your regular mattress – every six months.

Not only should you flip the mattress over, but you should also rotate it lengthwise. And if the bed is used daily, be sure to replace the mattress every few years.

Fill In Gaps

If there are gaps between the bed and the couch, arms, fill in these holes with pillows. Any exposed metal parts should be padded with cylindrical bolsters to ensure that your guests never have to sleep directly on the sofa’s folding mechanism. You can also use these bolsters to fill gaps between the top of the mattress in the back of the sofa.

Use High Quality Bedding

Ensuring that the bed is fitted with high quality sheets and blankets will also add comfort. Remember, these are guests in your home, so don’t skimp on bedding. Look for sheets with high thread counts for maximum durability and comfort. Make sure that you add a comforter and an additional blanket just in case your guests get cold.

Even if the weather is warm, you want to ensure that your guests have the option of covering up with a blanket to keep warm.

Keep the Bed Clean

Naturally, you want to ensure that your best sofa bed stays clean. After each use, remove the mattress topper and the bedding. If the mattress topper is down-filled, place it in the dryer to fluff it with the no-heat setting. Wash all blankets and sheets after each use, or weekly if you use the bed regularly. Before you fold up the mattress, vacuum both sides to remove allergens, dust, and other irritants.

Adding more cushioning, flipping the mattress, using high-quality bedding, and keeping the mattress clean will ensure that your sofa bed stays comfortable for years to come. If none of these tips make your sleeper sofa any more comfortable than it was before, it may just be time to invest in a new mattress. If the bed gets used regularly, the mattress will need to be replaced more frequently.




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