How To Stop Losing Instagram Followers And Focus On Engagement Quality?

How To Stop Losing Instagram Followers And Focus On Engagement Quality?

Are you losing your Instagram followers? Do you know what could be the reason for that? Maybe your followers are not getting any value from your posts or maybe they find someone better to follow. With an increase in the daily content production, it is really important to understand that, people only follow you because you are providing them with what they need. Be unique in your own way and provide them with everything. Let us see why people are losing interest in your account and what we can do about it.

6 reasons due to which they could be unfollowing you

  • Unsatisfactory content or bad quality content
  • Lack of proper engagement
  • Not posting daily or maybe posting too many posts
  • Not an active user
  • Sharing the things that people are uncomfortable with
  • Maybe you are made followers randomly.

Things you should do to keep your followers


  • Create a satisfactory content and in high definition


Instagram Comments
Instagram Comments


You should create contents according to your niche and remember “that which is seen is sold” things that express themselves has their own value. Always create a high-quality content and give them a creative touch.


  • Engage with your audience properly

Whenever you get the Instagram comments, reply to them all as replying to your Instagram comments will improve your engagement quality. Get involved in the comments and give some friendly and valuable response. Connect to your audience and tell them how much you appreciate them.


  • Post consistently and regularly



Schedule your posts so that you can post consistently and regularly it will help you to stay connected to your followers. Try to post 2-4 times daily and find which post time suits you and post at that time.


  • Stay active and up to date

Never stay away from Instagram for too many days and try to post your content ones a day.


  • Share according to your niche



Always share a proper content which relates to your niche and never share random things. You can share them occasionally but don’t overdo it.


  • Identify your audience and follow them

Try to find people who love the same niche and follow them if you feel it is difficult to find them then use Instagram marketing tools to find them it’s an easier approach.


Understand why you are losing your followers, after reading the above points you will probably know why you are losing them. Identify what you should not do and what you should be doing in order to gain more followers and keep them who are still following you. All the above things will surely help you if you take care of everything as mentioned. That’s it, now you know what to do, so do it wisely and gain lots of followers.

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