Instagram Stories! Rock It With These Simple Tips

Instagram Stories! Rock It With These Simple Tips

Have you started using the Instagram stories or not, if you are not using it then you are losing the fun mate. Instagram has given us a great tool called Instagram stories which can be used in many ways. If you are using Instagram with a goal then you already have created a strategy. Don’t tell me stories are not the part of your strategy. You should start using this feature it is very important and efficient tool to connect with others.

Read the following tips and understand it better and learn how you can use it for your benefit.

Millions of active users.

If you didn’t know let me tell you that Instagram has taken over the Snap chat stories as there is a drastic increase in the number of active users who do watch Instagram stories.

Reachable to many people.


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Instagram stories last for 24 hrs and it can be seen, even by the people who are not following you. You have noticed that sometimes you can see the stories of people on your feeds who are not your followers.

Using #tags in the stories.

To make it more discoverable you can use the popular or trending #tags in your stories. Whatever the story is about, use the #tags according to it.

Good for creating Backlinks



If you have reached up to 10k followers, then you will get a swipe up option which will help you lead the traffic to a particular site or landing page. It’s really important if you are Using Instagram for business.

Tag people

You can tag your friends or any popular account to make your story more reachable. It has been seen that people who tag people get more viewers on their Instagram stories.

Good for creative engagements



Using Stories you can ask your audience anything and ask them if they want to ask something. Create stories about your ongoing work and let them know about it. Your audience can message you from the stories isn’t it awesome.

Useful factors

There is no best time to post anything as it is for 24hr only your people will definitely find it in there feeds if they are active. You can mute the stories for the people you don’t want to see or you can hide your own stories if needed.

Analytics shows that people who use stories also get more like for their posts. If you also want more likes you can use it too. People these days use many marketing tools to buy ig likes and their posts get popular easily. You can also buy ig likes for your account by using any of the tools. This post has covered all the basic things about the stories so that you can use it perfectly.

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