Making Couch More Comfortable

Comfort is the first thing that many people consider before buying a couch. But a comfortable couch can become uncomfortable after prolonged use. You may have made an investment on a couch with cushions that turned out to be too hard for you. Seat depth may be low or the couch might be too low.

If you are interested in knowing how to make a couch more comfortable, these tips will guide you. But first, you must find out the reason your couch is uncomfortable and the area you need to work on.

Remove materials hiding in your couch

There might be small pieces of cardboard or plastic materials, making the couch uncomfortable. Look for them underneath the couch if the cushions are not fixed. Even if you have been using the couch for a long time, dismantle and check for hiding objects that may have gone underneath the couch.

Kids are fond of keeping their toys and other objects in hiding places. So get ready for this even if your couch is still looking very new.

Ensure the legs are properly screwed and balance

The legs of the couch need to be tight and balance. They should be ready to carry the weight of people that will sit on the couch without coming off or getting destroyed. If you had just bought a new piece of furniture, make sure the feet or legs of the couch are properly installed. Turn the couch upside down and inspect it yourself.

Take a look at the hole provided for installing the legs. Are they in good shape? If the holes do not match the screw that comes with the couch, you can use a drill to correct each of them. Tighten each of the legs properly before you place them down.

Try fewer pillows

Pillows help to make the couch comfortable and relaxing. But having too many of them can make it uncomfortable. So when looking for how to make an uncomfortable couch comfortable, consider the number of pillows you havePillows take up space, and having too much of them means less space for others to sit comfortably.

If you have a large couch, there is nothing wrong with using fewer pillows. Try this to make your couch comfortable and to accommodate more persons.

Re-stuff your cushions

One way to make an uncomfortable couch comfortable is to work on your cushions. If they are stiff and uncomfortable, consider re-stuffing them. Most people feel they are at a disadvantage when their cushions are not detachable. But even though they are not detachable, check if they have zippers or opening you can use to replace the stuffing.

Adding fluff to your cushions is one of the best ways to make your couch comfortable. It is common for cushions to lose their fluff after prolonged use. And know that your new cushions that are a bit harder would break in after some time.

So you should not consider re-stuffing if they are hard.

Cushions should also be rotated to make wear even. If you also find one of the cushions on your couch wearing out, try to place another in that position.

Add some comfortable throw pillows

You can add few throw pillows to your couch to make it more comfortable to sit on. And if you have throw pillows that have lost their fluffs, you can replace them or put more fluff to make them comfortable. There are different types of throw pillows on the market you can choose from. You can visit any online store of your choice to order one.

Add throw blanket

There are many ways to make an uncomfortable couch cozier. It depends on how creative you are. And the steps you take to make your couch more comfortable. You can add a throw blanket to make your couch cozier. It can choose a large one that can cover your entire couch or one that can cover just the cushioning.

Re-upholstery the couch

There are many reasons that should cause you to rework on your couch. One of them is when the fabric is wearing out. It could also be that certain part of the fabric has already been damaged and uncomfortable to rest on.

Changing the entire fabric will cost you some money but is worth doing if you want your couch to be comfortable. Fixing it will also make your couch more attractive, and enhance the look of your apartment.

A couch with damaged frame will not be comfortable. It will not be able even to carry more weight than it used to when still intact. If the affected area is the back of the couch, glue can solve the problem. If it’s something you cannot do by yourself, hand it over to someone with experience in fixing couches.

Keep it clean

A stinky or highly stained couch will not comfortable. If not properly dried, it might also stink a lot. Ensure the cushions dry out properly before placing them back. And read the instruction on how to wash the fabric on your couch, so you don’t damage it.

How to raise a couch higher

Most people have their dining room attached to their living room. So they prefer to have a couch that is higher to fit their dining table. If this is the case with you, then the following tips will be useful to you.

Add new legs

If the legs on your couch aren’t tall enough, you can add new ones. Turn the couch upside down and unscrew the old legs. Use them as a reference point to request for a replacement that’s a bit taller from any online store of your choice. Most businesses have old legs that they removed from other furniture that didn’t make it to the showroom.


Most casters are up to 4 inches or could even be taller than this. Some have locks to keep your couch from moving from one place to another which will be a great option for an apartment with a wooden floor.


The first thing to do when you discover that couch isn’t comfortable anymore is to find out the cause of the problem. If it’s about the height, you can use the above tips to make it taller. And if the cushions are not comfortable or frame is broken, know they are possible to fix. These tips will help you get your couch back to provide the great comfort you seek. Read and apply them.


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