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Microfiber vs Polyester Furniture

Microfiber Vs Polyester furniture is a wise comparison. Both materials are great. But knowing more about them will help you to narrow down your search.  Factors like looks, durability, and ease of cleaning are things people consider before choosing between microfibers and polyester couches. Below is a simple comparison between both to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Microfiber fabric

Microfiber is produced from synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. And it is entirely synthetic, ultra-fine, and exceptionally strong.

Microfiber has great qualities. It is breathable and shows great strength. It is like the soft polyester, but durable. In fact, microfiber can last long if properly maintained.

Unlike most fabric, microfiber can be maintained and cared for easily. Its moisture-wicking capacity is great, and it is water-resistant. It is stain-resistant and lightweight.

There are tons of features that make microfiber a great upholstery material. One of them is that microfiber is hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for users who are allergy suffers. In addition, it can also retain its appeal after series of washing.

One of the biggest advantages of using microfiber sofa is the fact that it requires low maintenance.

This is because it is lint free and nonabrasive.  Microfiber also has great aesthetic advantages. It comes in many color options users can choose from. So, no matter the color you are looking for, there is a microfiber couch for you.

Cons of microfiber fabric

Microfiber also has a good number of cons or disadvantages as the case may be, and one of them is about the cost. It is a bit on the high side, though the technology involved in making the fabric could be the reason for this. Price is falling through but not up to the expected range

In addition, microfiber is 100% synthetic – a combination of polyester and nylon. So, it is not as durable as other traditional materials. Not that it will fall apart faster but loses its aesthetic appeal over time when you subject it to too much wear and tear.

Pros of polyester fabric

Polyester is rarely used on its own in upholstery. It is mixed with other types of fibers making it wrinkle resistant. The combination also helps to reduce fading. Polyester has several advantages over other fabrics like microfiber. It is strong and has the capacity to withstand the everyday use a couch is meant to pass through.

It can also stand up to sunlight exposure well and can release water-based stains with ease.

Because of the resilience added by the fibers, polyester tends to maintain its shape even better than most fabric. This prevents polyester from sagging like other sofas, especially as they begin to age. Polyester is also very durable and resistant to abrasion, mildew, and insects.

Cons of polyester fabric

Polyester also has its own disadvantages. Its resistance to greasy and oily food stains is poor. It is also vulnerable to excessive burns or heat. Be sure to keep any curling irons from having contact with your polyester couch to prevent damages.

Microfiber VS Polyester Sofa – Which One Should I Buy?

Both fabrics are great for making couches. They are both durable and aesthetically-pleasing. But polyester is more durable. Microfiber is 100%. But polyester is a blend of natural and synthetic material. It could be 50% polyester and 50% linen as the case may be. It varies in most of the couches.

And while the synthetic adds a form of durability, the natural material makes it look like a high-end fabric. In a nutshell, polyester is a better option than a microfiber.


Before buying a sofa, consider the type of fabric. If you are looking for specific color option to match your décor, polyester and microfiber have numerous colors that meet your specific needs. They are also aesthetically pleasing and less expensive than leather.

The above tips will help you to decide between microfiber and polyester which is one is more ideal. Read to gain more knowledge and make a wise decision.




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