Rooms To Go vs Ashley Comparison

Ashley Vs Rooms To Go which is the best furniture brand?

Ashley and Rooms To Go are one of the five biggest furniture retailers in the United States of America. Both companies sell budget-friendly furniture and provide homeowners with numerous options to choose from. This comparison is an eye-opener for first-time buyers. Read to get more details about each brand.

Ashley Furniture Vs Rooms To Go Quality

Quality is the first thing furniture buyers are considering. When buying online, ask questions about the fabric, wood, and other materials used. Ashley and Rooms to go are great brands. Most of their budget furniture might not be up to the quality of higher-priced brands but hold up well to an extent.

Ashley furniture provides a vast variety of couches, sofas, and loveseats that are irresistible and perfect for modern homes. The majority of the furniture is made of fabric material which offers a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Compared to Rooms to go, Ashley is one of the biggest and highest selling furniture makers in the USA.

Styles Of Rooms To Go Vs Ashley Furniture

A modern home needs a piece of furniture to bring out the beauty of the decor. Most furniture brands still adopt the traditional style of furniture that looks outdated. Ashley focuses more on traditional styles while Rooms To Go from the onset employs the latest design and style in furniture making. Their furniture is more contemporary than traditional compared to Ashley.

Though Ashley style of furniture making is centered on the traditional pattern, the company is shifting to contemporary couches, sofas, and loveseats with a better transitional look.

Durability Of Rooms To Go Vs Ashley Furniture

Ashley and Rooms To Go furniture are durable considering the price point. Ashley was among the first US-based furniture maker to spot the cheap labor provided in the Asian continent and took advantage of it. But today, production is fully automated.

Comparing both in terms of durability, Ashley tends to be more durable than Rooms To Go. But its durability cannot be compared to other higher priced furniture.


One thing that makes most people prefer Ashley and Rooms To Go furniture over others is the price and because they don’t like the idea of keeping a piece of furniture for many years without changing them.

So they go for budget-friendly furniture that can hold up for a considerable period. Ashley furniture is made of better quality material than Rooms To Go. And one of the reasons for the low price is that their furniture is mass-produced abroad and shipped to different locations.

Ashley furniture uses state of the art facility. Though most of their furniture may not be as good as high-end ones, they are the best you can ever find at this price point. You can have furniture made of faux leather or real leather. Furniture with real leather is normally very expensive. But people with pets and little kids prefer using cheaper furniture that can take a beating.

Ease of maintenance

Ashley furniture and Rooms to go produces more of budget-friendly furniture. Most of them are made of fabric material and are easy to clean and maintain. It is advisable also to read instructions on how to clean before progressing. Check if the fabric is machine washable before washing it.


Ashley and Rooms To Go offers a one year warranty. But this does not cover damages caused by chemicals on the part of the retailer or buyer. Ashley’s one year warranty is the same for furniture made of different materials such as leather, and upholstery fabric.

However, Ashley and Rooms To Go do not make refunds on money spent. You cannot return whatever you buy and ask for your money to be refunded. But brands have done well in the area of furniture making. But Ashley’s many years of experience and consistency stands them out.


Ashley and Rooms To Go furniture are great brands. They make the furniture suitable for budget-conscious buyers. Ashley furniture, over the years, has been proven to be superior to Rooms To Go. Ashley furniture is just more durable than Rooms To Go.



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