Sofa Solutions | 10 Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Sofa

No matter what room you choose, buying a sofa is a big investment for any family. Once you’ve picked one out and purchased it, they will stay with you for many years to come. As such, it is wise to do your research and educate yourself on a few points before you decide to buy. Whether you have a formal dining room or a more casual living room, choose the right size for your room.

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It’s important to choose the right size. Make careful measurements before you buy a sofa or any furniture pieces. Ask yourself these questions. Will this fit where I want it? Will there be any obstacles when moving it into my home or room, such as stairs or narrow doorways? Stairways that turn can be an issue when moving large furniture.

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Figure out how many cushions you need. Typically, having one cushion is more formal than the standard two or three. Make sure to test the cushions by sitting on them for a few minutes. Move around and wiggle a bit. Avoid sofas with cushions that wedge in on the sides. Shop with friends or family so they can also test the sofa with you. Have them sit next to you and ensure that everyone sitting is still comfortable.


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The filling in your cushions will determine your comfort. Down filling is the most expensive and comfortable, but keep in mind that it needs constant fluffing and patting. Your least expensive option is low-density foam. It’s cheap, but deflates easily and does not retain it’s shaped well. You can also get high-resilient foam which is a bit more expensive, but still more durable than the low-density foam. High-resilient foam with a layer of down and conventional foam is generally the more popular choice.

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Don’t forget to check under the sofa cushions. The sofa’s frame should be completely covered with fabric. If you see wood or metal instead, avoid purchasing the couch and continue looking.

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The springs in the sofa can also make a difference in seating comfort. The best sofas are usually made with 8-way tied springs. Standard sofas are made with serpentine springs. However, if you see a sofa without springs or springs made from webbing or mesh, avoid at all costs.

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Each sofa has it’s own style of arms. Whether you prefer straight arms or rounded ones, don’t forget to pick the one you like best. Also consider the right arms for comfort. Some people like leaning or napping on sofa arms. Hard sofa arms can be uncomfortable for most who may want to take a snooze on them.

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The frame is an important aspect in determining the quality of the sofa. Be sure to ask about how the frame is constructed. A properly constructed frame is secured together using screws, wooden dowels, and wooden corner blocks. Never buy a sofa that is constructed using staples and glue.

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It’s also a good idea to find out what type of wood was used to construct the sofa. Pine is less expensive, but also weaker than most other woods. Look for kiln-dried oak, maple, or poplar which are more durable. Try not to buy sofas made from metal, particle board, or plastic. These can warp and ruin the structure of your sofa.

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Depending on where the sofa will be used, you may want to consider the type of upholstery. A family room would need tougher fabric than what you would need in a formal living room. Owning kids and pets may require you to choose a sofa that’s covered in leather or a strong fabric like synthetic microfiber. Many casual sofas are also upholstered with cotton. More expensive fabrics such as silk, linen, and wool do not last as long as other fabrics. Be careful, some blends of synthetic fabrics and cotton will easily pill after only a year.

When it comes to colors, it would be wise to choose from neutral colors. They’ll be easier to work with if you decide to paint or re-wallpaper the room they are in. They’ll also be more flexible if you decide to move.

Use these tips to help you pick the right sofa for you!


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