Why Your Instagram Followers Are Unfollowing You?


If you are having a great number of followers or you are on the way to getting more number of followers than you will totally understand the topic of the post. Maintaining the number of Instagram followers is really hard as people get bored easily these days. If you are not tracking your Instagram unfollow then you will end up having an average number of followers. Below are the things which are making you lose your followers.


Bulk of posts




Don’t post everything at ones and be relatable to your niche. It always happens when we feel overly excited or overly emotional we share as much as we can with our people. Never post continuously because it will irritate your followers. You won’t even get the likes you want.


Poor content quality



Content can be poor in many ways look for the following things before creating and posting your content.

  • Quality of the photos and videos.

Your content should be of good quality in order of pixels. Always post the good eye candy pics and videos. If your image is of poor quality than nobody will be able to relate with it. Use editing tools to maintain the brightness contrast and other things if needed.

  • Stick to the theme of your account.

If you have an entertainment-related account than never post too much of emotional content. If you have information related account than give information based on the niche and the same goes for all the other kind of accounts. The main key is you should stick to the theme of your account.


Too many advertisements.



Never advertise too much and give your followers what they need. Try to give as much as you can and if you want to advertise something advertise it ones between 2-3 days.


Bad response or lack of engagement.


Instagram unfollow
Instagram unfollow


If you will stay busy in just doing your stuff and not responding to the comments and messages than you are doing it all wrong. You will never have an impact on your people. So focus on engagement first.





Try to post ones a day so that people will know that you use your account daily. Stay on point in whatever you are saying on social media. Give interesting captions for your posts. If you can post 2-3 times a day.


Now you know what to do to maintain you followers and continue to grow on Instagram. If you face any problem tracking your Instagram unfollow than you can use different kinds of Instagram marketing tools for your benefit. Follow the above steps to manage your Instagram as an expert.


How To Create Amazing Video Stories For Instagram?

If you would like to get yourself popular on Instagram you need to put some serious efforts also. While taking bot help can make you grow up to some extent while it will not help you gain the sheer popularity which you can gain with Real Instagram Followers. The best means to get more popularity to post some amazing pictures and video on your Instagram account. Nowadays videos are one of the best means to marketise business at the online platform. According to research brands which are popular on the Instagram have the better conversation rate of the potential customers than the brands which are not on Instagram. If you would also like to use video stories to advertise your brand on Instagram, here are shown some of the best ways to create unique and stylish videos for your Instagram account.

Effect of the Instagram videos

Pictures are the better storyteller than the words while the audio-visual videos are the best storyteller which you can utilise to give more information. Most of the people like videos more as they are more attractive and have better than simplistic images. While looking at an image it not converse as easily as the videos. A viewer may have the look on the pictures just for 2 to 4 seconds while videos on Instagram plays for at least 7 seconds.

Real Instagram Followers
Real Instagram Followers

Things to consider while creating videos for Instagram.

  • Instagram stories are created only in the vertical view while you are recording your video you need to consider that factor.
  • The aspect ratio of the pictures on Instagram is 9:16 (Full portrait format). It is a bit wider than the pictures or videos which you take on your phone.
  • You would not like to feature the text messages in the middle of the video while it is better to keep it at the start or at the end of the video.
  • Instagram stories will only remain for 24 hours after that it will not be shown while it is necessary to keep your new post ready to update your Instagram.

While there are different types of editing tools which you can utilise to make your videos more attractive. Try to find more innovative ways to create videos and keep it according to the viewer’s point of view while your audience can also find your video story more connecting with them.