Tips To Consider Before Choosing The Right Size EDDM Postcard

EDDM is considered as an affordable targeted advertising technique which helps to categorize your marketing strategies based on different things like, age, income, and many other things. There are various EDDM postcards which are available, there are also cheap postcards EDDM which available, so, here are some of the simple tips which to consider before you choose the right size EDDM postcard, out which some of the tips are:

These EDDM postcards come in various sizes, but out of all the available cards, the standard sizes are only approved by the Post office of United States. All the EDDM postcards are generally large-sized so make sure to choose the one which suits you the best, which helps you the best for campaigning. As, while considering to choose the right size EDDM postcard, here are the three main steps which are to be considered are:


Size 1# (6.25″ x 9’)


Considering the small size of Postcard, i.e. 6.25″ x 9″ which is pretty much the smallest of all the EDDM postcards which are available, which can be used to mail, as it is very much economical to use by printing. Despite the fact that this is the littlest EDDM postcard measure, regardless it is bigger than half of the full sheet of paper, as well have a lot of space for your message. This EDDM postcard will function admirably for pretty much any sort of publicizing for eateries, retailers, gardeners, and home administrations postcards. This 6.25″ x 9″ EDDM postcard is the most mainstream EDDM measure.


Size 2# (6″ x 11″)



cheap -postcards -EDDM
cheap postcards EDDM



The medium size of the Postcard is 6″ x 11″ EDDM postcards, which is approved by the USPS as it is longer than 10.5″. A portion of the advantages of this size is that it isn’t just taller than an envelope, it is likewise longer than an envelope, while not being excessively expensive more about the 6.25″ x 9″ EDDM postcard. This is considered as the favored size for advertisers that might want to utilize a Business Reply Card on the available EDDM postcards. Estimating that this postcard is made up of 66% a full sheet of paper, hence it can give you considerably more space for your advertising messages as well as pictures.


Size 3# (8.5″ x 11″)


This postcard is considered to be one of the largest postcards, i.e. 8.5″ x 11″. One of the greatest benefits of using this size is it is so large that it won’t be missed in the mailbox. As, this postcard is made up of full sheet paper and helps you get enough space for you to add some graphic designs, messages, pictures, etc. This size also works the best for political mailers, used in restaurant menus, in industries, etc.




The above mentioned are different types of postcard sizes which are available, hence choose the one which suits you the best based on your requirements.



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