Top 7 Vape Juice Flavors You Can Prefer For Your Pods


You have a great E-cig kit and you have already used the flavor which you got with your pod. Now you are curious about what you can use for your next vaping experience so don’t worry we have created a list of 7 vape juice which you can use for different experiences. Check out the list of some tastes for your pods and Juul pod flavors. Don’t consider the numbers to choose one because all of them are best, as everything depends on a person’s taste. Following are the top 7 selected flavors you can buy.

  1. Dragon fruit-menthol

It is an awesomely created cool menthol juice which people enjoyed over the years and it gives a very delectable menthol vaping experience. It can be found in many brands because of its popularity.

  1. Sweet Tobacco

As the name describes itself, sweet and better. This is the mixture of different creams and light tobaccos. Those who use traditional cigarettes should consider it because it will provide the best experience than the simple ones.

  1. Juicy Apple

Juicy apple undoubtedly is one of the best vape juices to buy it is flavored with nicotine salts which makes a lot tastier. It is brilliantly balanced between sweet and tanginess of apple.

Juul Pod Flavors
  1. Spearmint Gum

The rejuvenating taste of this flavor is really very satisfying which gives the sweet and fresh minty experience. It also provides a great punch when mixed with different fruit flavors.

  1. Mango

If you are a mongo lover than you should definitely try this. It also has the variety like sour, sweet and ripe flavors. If you buy mango flavor of different brands you will notice that you all of them are different in taste.

  1. Grappleberry

You know that mixtures make things cool and this mixture made it awesome. Grappleberry is a mixture of green apple and strawberry which makes it taste unique.

  1. Strawberry Hard candy

It is a fusion of fruity and candy flavor which will help experience the best taste in your mouth.

There are many companies which produce all the above flavors but most of them may vary in taste so look for the reviews before buying it, you can also find all these in the juul pod flavors too. One important thing to remember that whenever you buy a juice check out the nicotine content first as nicotine is not good for you.



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