What- Are- The -Different -Applications- Of- Capacitors?

What Are The Different Applications Of Capacitors?

What- Are- The -Different -Applications- Of- Capacitors?

Capacitors, resistors and inductors are the three most important and basic constituents in the electronic circuit. In fact, we can also say that these three are the ubiquitous part of an electronic circuit. There are many different uses of capacitors in the circuit design of the filters, converters, noise reduction, power storage and also as sensors while there are different types of capacitors based on their shape, size and dielectric property like film capacitors, ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, super capacitors etc, in which ceramic disc capacitors is one of the widely used capacitors. Here are shown some of the capacitors and their applications:

Applications of capacitors

Combination of the resistor, inductors and capacitors mostly creates the circuit of the frequency selected filters. Based on the frequency shift, value of the components (capacitance, inductance) and the circuit, different types of filter can be constructed like High pass filter, Low pass filter, Band pass filter, Band stop filter, Notch filter, All pass filter, and Equalization filter etc.

Decoupling/Bypass filter

Capacitors play an important role in obstructing the high power (current) signals to the microchips. Since it has a high resistance with a DC voltage circuit. Capacitors used for that purpose is called decoupling capacitors which should be placed closer to the microchip for best effect since the other part of the circuit can also catch the signal in the form of noise and it is better to avoid that signal interference with a microchip.

Decoupling filters are also used for reducing the noise in any part of the circuit.


 ceramic disc capacitors
ceramic disc capacitors


Coupling/DC blocking capacitors

Capacitors can allow the AC signals to pass and disallow the DC signals to pass. It can be used to separate the AC and DC parts in the signal. In the case of the coupling circuit, high reactance capacitors are considered as best.

Snubber Capacitors

The circuit which contains high inductance load in the circuit like in motor or in the transformer which can drive the large transient power spikes in the circuit. This may also cause damage to the components of the circuit. Applying a capacitor in the circuit with the snub or blockage for sudden hike in the power signal to protect other components in the circuit. It can also be helpful in the snubbing the noise Radio signals entering into the circuit.

Pulsed power capacitor

Capacitors are used for storing the charges like in the batteries, as it also stores the powers input supply. When the power is required within a short period of time then such types of capacitance circuit is used. An example of pulse power capacitor application is the disposable camera which charged up rapidly because of the flash.

There are various other application of capacitors as well like in resonant circuit application or because if the sensing capability of capacitors. These capacitors can be used for many electronic circuits but it is also a source of energy as it stores charges and can also cause electric shock, so you need to consider about safety while performing with the electronic circuit.

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