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What Is The Best Material For Sofa

Microfiber, leather, and polyester are great materials. They are durable and appealing. When looking for the best material for sofa the first thing that comes to mind is the price and family. Those with kids and pets will go for a material that is more pet-friendly. That is why it is important to compare before buying a couch.

What you need to know about microfiber

Your leather couch VS fabric comparison must be factual. Consider the features of each material. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber with strands, which makes it look like leather or suede. It might look like leather but obviously not it, but very attractive.

Microfiber has the ability to repel water and is suitable for furniture making. It is also made in the lab and not formed naturally. Microfiber can be made from nylon polymers, polyester, or wood pulp.

What you need to know about leather

The leather is a beautiful and smooth material that looks classy when placed in the home. It is a bit pricey and produced from cured and treated hides gotten from a cow. The leather material might feel a bit stiff when it is still new. But as the oil from the skin comes in contact from time to time and it starts experiencing wear, it will become soft.

Leather is a good material for couch and one that adds more beauty to any home décor. But their high price tag is a turn off for budget-conscious buyers.

What you need to know about Polyester

Polyester is a man-made fabric just like microfiber. And has some innate qualities that make it suitable for couch making. Polyester is made of polyester fiber or yarn. It is durable and resistant to a lot of chemicals. Fibers used in making polyester fabric are quite strong but lightweight. They can also be easily dyed.

Microfiber VS Leather Couch

The first thing to do before buying a couch is to determine the type of material used. Is it leather or microfiber? And find out the characteristics of those materials. You will be able to make the right decision when you know the different qualities that microfiber and leather materials possess because they both have their innate properties or characteristics.

Let’s compare microfiber leather VS real leather

Reasons to choose a microfiber couch

Microfiber is a wise choice for families with kids because it is very easy to clean. In addition, it can repel water and handle spills well. Getting rid of stains immediately is also important so they won’t remain permanently on the fabric. You can clean with water and soap as the case may be.

The fibers on the microfiber fabric help to filter and prevent dust from accumulating. But not as good as a leather couch. You can easily get rid of dust from a microfiber couch with a vacuum cleaner too. Microfiber is great for couch making. Its fabric is densely woven and prevents dust a bit. Hence, they don’t suffer rips and tears the way a regular sofa would.

Reasons to choose leather couch

The real leather material could be more expensive than fabric. And in terms of maintenance, leather is water resistant and easy for users to clean. In fact, you can wipe away any form of dirt from a leather couch be it liquid or spilled food by brushing them off or using clean cloth.

In the area of dust, leather couches don’t easily collect dust like microfiber fabric. You will find dust on top of the seat cushions and armrests if left untouched for long. But it won’t sink in deep into the couch. It is such that you can easily wipe away with a soft cloth or duster.

Unlike fabric, leather material is extremely durable. It can serve you for many decades and will retain its shiny look without wearing out. But tears or rip off easily when a sharp object pierces it. So you need to be careful with what you keep around for kids to play with because they sometimes play with sharp objects and can damage your couch.

In addition, pets can use their sharp claws to leave a mark on the leather couch. Beyond this, leather a durable material for making couches.

Simple Comparison Between Microfiber And Leather

Originally, leather is more durable than microfiber fabric. But it gets torn faster than fabric when a sharp object pierces it. The microfiber fabric can withstand the sharp claws of pets because there is space in-between its woven fabric. So microfiber is a bit more resistant to cuts and abrasions than leather material.

Microfiber also comes in numerous color options. So it’s more suitable for buyers looking for a special color that matches their décor and design. Leather, on the other hand, has limited color options.

Leather material is also resistant to odor and doesn’t attract pet’s hair like microfiber. The leather is also more suitable for users that suffer allergies because the cushions do not trap and store dust like other fabrics.

Polyester Furniture VS Leather

If you are contemplating on buying a couch, another comparison to consider is polyester VS leather sofa. This will enable you to make the right decision without hesitation.

Polyester is another material great for making couches. It is lighter compared to real leather and more pet-friendly. It can also be dry cleaned easily. Leather on the other hand ages well. It is durable but heavier and more expensive than polyester.


There are many differences between leather and microfiber or polyester as you can see. The factors to consider in terms of material when buying a sofa include durability, ease of maintenance, and appearance. With the above tips, you will be able to make the right decision and pick a material that will last for a long time.


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